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July 2, 2019

On the pleasant evening of 15 June – 2019, we organized the launch event of Petofy. This event was held to introduce Petofy to the service providers, who would be an integral part of the platform. Among the chief guests who graced the occasion, we had prominent people from the field of Veterinary Science and Government departments related to Animals

Dr. R Meenakshi Sundaram IAS (Secretary Animal Husbandry, Dehradun)
Dr. KK Joshi (Directory Animal Husbandry, Dehradun) and
Dr. CB Singh (Leading Pet Veterinarian, Chandigarh)

Some of the other attendees were Dr. Vivekanand Sati, Dr. A. S. Negi and Dr. Bali who are renowned Veterinarians and have contributed greatly to the field by providing their service to the people of Dehradun.

The event started with the welcome of our Chief Guests. A brief introduction regarding them was provided to the event attendees. Thereafter a beautiful bouquet of flowers was presented to each of them as a token of our appreciation to them for blessing us with their presence that evening.
A presentation was shown at the event which touched on many important points –

  1. We shared with our attendees, the idea, that was the inception of Petofy.
  2. Thereafter, we talked about the current pet products and services market in India.
  3. After that, a few news articles were discussed which talked about the growing and changing market.
  4. Then a few competitors were profiled in detail with the focus on the services they are providing.
  5. Thereafter we compared these competitors to Petofy and showed the attendees how Petofy is different.
  6. Then we touched upon the wide range of services that Petofy will provide.
  7. Without a doubt, the attendees understood that Petofy will be a one-stop shop for all the pet parent’s needs for pet products and services.
  8. Then the designs of the mobile app and website were shown to give the attendees an idea of the look and feel of the platform.
  9. After that, we shared some video testimonials and feedback that we received from various pet parents and Veterinarians when we shared the concept of Petofy with them.

After the presentation, our Founders – Mr. Udit Handa and Mr. Anshul Arora talked about how they came together on the idea of Petofy which has now become reality.

Mr. Udit Handa

Mr. Udit Handa CEO of Cynoteck and Co-Founder of Petofy

The CEO of Cynoteck Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd. touched upon the technology side of Petofy. He gave us an overview of the strong technology foundation that he has had in his life and how he has brought the same methodology from Cynoteck to Petofy to ensure that when Petofy is available to the people, it is built on a strong foundation using cutting edge technology which gives the users a great experience and becomes part of their life.

Mr. Anshul Arora

Mr. Anshul Co-Founder of Petofy

The Director of Marketing at Nutricare Life Sciences Ltd. touched upon his experience in the field and how he has used his experience and knowledge to contribute to the business side of Petofy to ensure that Petofy has something to offer for everyone – be it pet parents or pet product and service providers and when they become a part of the Petofy family. It makes their life easier in some way.

The chief guests and prominent attendees were asked to share a few words as feedback to us on what they think about Petofy and if they have any suggestions for us. We received many useful suggestions, which we have made a note of and are in the process of implementing them. The feedback that we received from all, had the same core message, what Petofy is planning to do and provide as a service to everyone is indeed a need of our and a step in the right direction. This gave us immense pleasure and confidence. Then the event ended with all attendees socializing with each other over some delicious dinner which everyone enjoyed.

Services we offer by Petofy

Petofy has been very active on Social Media for the past few years with the Facebook page having until now 13,000+ followers. We are taking the next step forward and introducing our platform to the general public. In a word, Petofy utilizes the power of Web and Mobile technologies to create an Omni-Channel of information and services through a Mobile App, Web Portal, Blog, Social Media, Online Marketplace, and eRetail Platform to provide complete information and services to every type of pet-lover be it Pet-Parents, Veterinarians, Chemists, Groomers, Trainers, Breeders, Event Planners, Pet Photographers, Pet Hostel Owners, Pet Spa Owners or Sellers of Pet Foods, Toys, and Accessories. The services that we are planning to introduce on our platform over the coming months include –

  • Pet Adoption and Donation Listing
  • Q&A Forums
  • Directory Listing
  • Pet Social Media
  • Blogs
  • Events
  • Information Services
  • eCommerce
  • Pet Online Health Records
  • Hyper Local Delivery
  • Pet Burial Services
  • Pet Photographers
  • Travel Companions
  • Pet Sitting Services
  • Vacations with Pets
  • Pet Birthday Parties
  • Online Vet Consulting
  • Vet On-call Visits

Please do watch out for our future posts informing you about the availability of Petofy and how you can use it. Do look around our website for our blogs on various topics related to pets.

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