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Hello everyone and thank you for Liking and Following our Facebook Page “Petofy Everything Pets”. We hope we have been able to answer your questions and queries and clear your doubts on Facebook. We have tried our best to be helpful in every possible way. We are constantly thinking of ways to help and serve the pet-lovers community at Petofy better, and we are ready to take the next step. We would like to take this moment to welcome you to our blog at Petofy.
We are starting this blog to share with the Petofy community regarding a wide range of topics related to pets. Our aim is to be a great source of information for everything related to pets – be it pet parenting, pet care, pet health, etc.
We will be writing about topics related to pet health in various seasons and how to take proper care of them. We will share with you about various pet products in the market and how it is useful or harmful for your pets. You will get to read about various activities that Petofy would be planning or participating in regarding pets like adoption drives and other such events.
In fact, Petofy is keen on the wellbeing and good health of both pets and pet-parents and recently Petofy was one of the sponsors of a Marathon event in Dehradun. Well, the marathon was for humans but we hope a lot of pet-parents had participated too. Petofy had also promoted a Pet Awareness week on Facebook recently where we had a team of pet health experts available to answer your queries. Hope you had participated in that activity and interacted with the team.
One of our other major events that we have been organizing for the last couple of years is the “Selfie with my Pet Contest – 2”. This contest was active for about a month where we saw great participation from the Petofy community. We received more than 60 amazing selfies from the participants and all the entries to the contest were promoted greatly on Facebook. The entries with the most promotion and Likes would win the contest and we saw a lot of Likes and Shares for many of the entries. At the end of the contest the winners received Amazon Gift Vouchers from Petofy. Do you know, the 1st and 2nd prize was won by the same person who posted 2 great selfies with her pet – Boogie.
We hope you will visit our blog regularly and find our posts and articles useful. Do send us your suggestions on what you would like us to write regarding in our future blogs. We look forward to healthy participation from the Petofy community and look forward to your comments and queries regarding our posts and articles and we will try our best to answer them to the best of our ability.
Wish you a great day ahead and lots of love to the lovely pets everywhere.
-Samiksha Michael
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