Why taking care of your pet’s hair is important?

Hello everyone, trust all is well with you and your lovely pets. Hope you are all keeping safe in the current situation. In our last blog post we had talked about the common problem of ticks and fleas that we have especially with our pet dogs. Today we will talk about another common problem that arises during monsoon. Dogs and Cats with long hair will start having hair problems during monsoon. If they go out and get wet or even if there is a lot of humidity or moisture in the air, their hair starts getting affected. They will start having hair loss or matting.

It is important to take care of your pet’s hair. I say this from personal experience as it had happened with my Saint Bernard – Florence and Persian Cat – Winnie. As you know, both these breeds have long hair and if good care is not taken, then their hair tends to get messed up easily. Matting and Hair Loss are the most common problems with long haired pets.

Matting can be equally stressful for the pets to have and for the parents to treat. Matting is when the hair gets into a lump and sticks together. Over a period, it tends to increase and get thicker or spread over the body of the pet. When you touch the matted hair of your dog or cat it feels thick and hard, probably like the name suggests, like a mat or rug, more like a door mat.

During monsoons, Winnie’s hair starts matting if I do not brush or comb them regularly. She used to feel so itchy as it was like a one-centimetre-thick coat covering her body and she used to scratch all over her body all day. I tried many things but had a really hard time trying to get rid of her matted hair. Then one fine day Winnie herself managed to open the matted hair from near her neck by her constant scratching. That gave me the window of opportunity to do something for her.

I tried many kinds of brushes, combs, scissors, and cutters but not all were effective. The best technique that I found was to hold the matted hair and find a gap between the hair and the skin. Then in that gap, I used to slowly insert a thin comb and try to loosen the hair. I had to be careful as the cat’s skin is very sensitive and the slightest extra pressure while trying to pull the matted hair was hurting her. Patch by patch, slowly I was successful in removing the matted hair from all over her body and although it was an effort over 2 long weeks, but in the end when I saw that she really liked how her hair was getting back to how it was before, she was happy too.

Now I brush and comb her hair daily to ensure that this does not happen again. If there was ever something that pet-parents of long-haired cats and dogs should do religiously – it is to take care of their pet’s hair. Grooming them by regularly brushing and trimming will make them look prettier and make you too look like a proud parent.

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Stay Safe.

-Samiksha Michael
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