What to do when Ticks and Fleas are worrying your pets?

Hello everyone, trust all is well with you and your lovely pets. Hope you are all keeping safe in the current situation. With the onset of monsoon, there is another common problem that arises. When it “rains cats and dogs” outside, it is a pain for our cats and dogs because ticks and fleas thrive in rains.

I read somewhere that there are more than 2,500 different kinds of fleas and more than 700 different kinds of ticks, but one of them is enough to make life miserable for our pets. Ticks and fleas can transfer from one pet to another and our pets usually get infected when they go outside and come in contact with them through another host animal or plant where these fleas have laid eggs or are waiting for another host. Our pets might be just passing by or just brushed past them and that is sufficient for the ticks and fleas to latch onto them.

It is very important to take care of your pet’s and I say this from personal experience as it happens with my pug Mitsy every year. She is heavily infected with ticks and I sometimes have a hard time treating her. Ticks even pass on to my cat Winnie. Proper and timely care is important as these ticks and fleas increase and spread very fast and it is a challenging task contain them or get rid of them completely once the infection starts. It can also lead to serious health issues and serious sicknesses for our pets which can be life threatening sometimes. There are a few things that we can do regularly to keep ticks and fleas under check –

Proper hygiene of pets
Bathe them regularly using tick and flea shampoo and dry them thoroughly. Post bathing apply tick and flea spray or powder and brush them. Remember to clean the bathing and cleaning area to ensure the ticks and fleas do not get on the pets again as water does not kill them.

Grooming for long hair pets

If your pet has long hair then if possible, trim their hair during this season so that the ticks and fleas are easily visible and can be removed before they can spread on the body of the pet unnoticed.

Flea and Tick Collars
If the ticks and fleas are spreading, then get a collar for your pet. A good quality collar is effective in getting rid of the infection and the collars are effective for a 3-4 months at least if kept away from water. Please check the collar before buying to ensure there are no harmful chemicals used as it might affect the pet too.

Clean house and exteriors
Ensure proper cleaning inside the house and vacuuming if possible. If you have a garden area where the pets generally hang-out, then ensure regular cleaning and removal of dry leaves and trash. Ticks and fleas are professional escape artists and are notorious for getting away and hiding easily.

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Wish you a great day ahead and lots of love to the lovely pets everywhere.

Stay Safe.

-Samiksha Michael
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