Online Vet on Call Audio & Video Consultation: Revolutionizing Pet Care

June 21, 2023

Our pets are literally our family. Then why treat them any less? With Online Vet on Call Video & Audio consultation, we can make sure to assist our dear companions no matter what. If you’re a pet parent you’d agree with all the struggles we go through. It is not easy to decode your dog/cat’s behaviour or change in mood. No matter whether you are a new pet parent or already have a bunch with you, being a pet parent is not easy.

What do our pets need?

This question is actually a challenging one, how? Well, a puppy looks for attention, care, and lots of love. Now you’d say that this is the case with almost every dog. But well this changes, your pet’s behaviour is never going to be constant. And the same goes for their eating habits and much more.

In the midst of all the questions, as pet parents, we’re always looking for answers. And though the first thought is actually to take your pet to the vet that’s not always the first attempt. Taking your pet to a vet isn’t an easy task. It’s hectic due to all the commotion one has to face, the traffic, weather, time constrain, and whatnot.

Our pets need the right parenting and that can be achieved if we know and understand what our pets want. Be it any pet- cat, dog, parrot, or rabbit every pet has a special requirement that needs to be met. That is why a timely visit with a veterinarian is important. One of the most feasible options to reach a veterinarian by online VET ON CALL. It is simple to use, quick, and extremely helpful. Wondering how? Let’s understand..

What is Online Vet on Call Consultation

Petofy Online Vet on Call is an innovative service that offers voice and video consultations with expert veterinarians. Pet owners can interact with veterinarians from the convenience of their homes, allowing them to acquire personalized assistance for the medical requirements of their dogs as well as professional advice and diagnostics.

With the goal of bridging the gap between pet owners and veterinarian care, improving the well-being of animals while also making high-quality veterinary services easily available.

Why Vet on Call is the ultimate solution for pet parents?

It’s a long-time struggle for pet parents to take their pets to veterinarians. There are so many instances when taking your beloved cat can be a challenging task! And then there are several other factors such as really bad weather or if you have a giant dog like Saint Bernard then too it can be very challenging. Transportation challenges are a huge problem for big-breed dogs. And the most common of all: Your pet’s favourite veterinarian is way far from your locality.

These are some common problems for pet parents that they have to face. Everyone wants to choose quality service for themselves and their close ones. That’s why choosing a quality service for your pet is equally important.

The vet on call ensures to keep all the dos of pet parents in one place. Be it from choosing the ideal time to connect for a consultation or the medium of the appointment. It’s all per the choice of the pet parent.

Why choose online Vet On Call over Vet clinic visit?

Online Vet on call services offer convenience, individualized care, and immediate access to veterinary care, making them a valuable option for pet owners looking for convenient and dependable healthcare solutions for their cherished companions. Local veterinarians and offline services are still necessary in some circumstances.

Features of Vet on Call:

Online Vet on Call is planned for the comfort of furry companions and pet parents. For better understanding let’s discuss each special feature of Vet on Call below:

1. Video Consultations

Vet on Call allows pet owners to have real-time video consultations with our expert veterinarians. This feature enables visual assessments of pets, facilitating accurate diagnoses and treatment recommendations.

2. Audio Consultations

Pet owners can engage in audio-only consultations with veterinarians through Vet on Call. This feature is useful when video capabilities are limited or unnecessary, providing a convenient option for discussing concerns and seeking professional advice.

3. Better Communication

Vet on Call ensures secure and encrypted communication channels, maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of the discussions between pet owners and veterinarians. This feature prioritizes data protection and confidentiality.

4. Appointment Scheduling

Pet owners can easily schedule appointments for online consultations through Vet on Call. This feature allows them to choose a convenient time slot that fits their schedule, ensuring flexibility and convenience.

Petofy Vet on Call Audio And Video Consultation Features infographic
Petofy Vet on Call Features

5. Access to expert Veterinarians

Vet on Call connects pet owners with licensed and experienced veterinarians who are qualified to provide professional advice, diagnoses, and treatment recommendations. This feature ensures that pets receive expert care and guidance.

6. Medical History Sharing

Pet owners can provide veterinarians with access to their pets’ medical history through Vet on Call. This feature allows veterinarians to have a comprehensive understanding of the pet’s health background, supporting accurate assessments and personalized care.

7. Integration with Pet Health Records

Vet on Call can integrate with your pet health record systems, assisting veterinarians to access and review comprehensive health records during consultations. This feature enhances accuracy, efficiency, and personalized care.

8. Follow-up Consultations

Vet on Call enables pet owners to schedule follow-up consultations with the same veterinarian, promoting continuity of care. This feature supports ongoing monitoring, and treatment adjustments, and ensures that the pet’s health progress is effectively managed.

9. Multi-Device Compatibility

Vet on Call is designed to be compatible with various devices, including smartphones, tablets, and computers. This feature ensures that pet owners can access consultations from their preferred devices, enhancing accessibility and user experience.

Benefits of online Vet on Call – Video & Audio Consultation

  • Comfort & Convenience

Vet on Call comes with comfort, the ultimate joy of consultation from home. Virtual appointments with the vet are beneficial for your pet too. You can connect for expert advice from anywhere and anytime. Completely excluding the need for travel or waiting in any clinic. 

No matter if you’re busy and don’t have time to schedule an appointment. Vet-On-Call is simply simple and super quick for assistance.

  • Smooth Accessibility

Vet On Call ensures that pet parents have easy access to experienced veterinarians, regardless of their location. This is particularly beneficial for individuals living in remote areas or areas with limited access to veterinary services.

  • Reduced Stress

Both pets and pet guardians may experience stress during routine vet visits. By enabling pets to get care in their comfortable surroundings and removing the worry associated with travel and clinic settings, Vet On Call helps to reduce stress.

  • Budget-friendly

Vet On Call offers cost savings compared to in-person clinic visits. It eliminates travel expenses and reduces the need for unnecessary visits, as minor concerns can be addressed efficiently through virtual consultations.

  • Quality pet care

Vet On Call enables pet parents to proactively manage their pets’ health by seeking expert advice on nutrition, behavior, preventive care, and more. It promotes regular check-ins and empowers pet parents to make informed decisions for their pet’s well-being. 

When might pet parents need Vet on Call?

Though the need may arise anytime and vet on call provides assistance from anywhere and anytime. Still, there are a few instances where it is hard to find expert or professional advice from a veterinarian. During those times, Vet-On-Call is available for consultation.

Below are a few instances where VET ON CALL can prove to be a savior for you: 

During travel

One of the main challenges that can arise for a pet parent is if their dog or any other pet gets unwell. Though it is pretty common now for pet parents to travel along with their dogs. So due to travel sickness or temperature or climate change, your pet might face difficulty. Now as a pet parent, you can search for a nearby vet but where is the assurance?

You have no background check from the vet, no review, etc. so it can turn out to be risky. On the other hand, if you book a vet on-call virtual consultation you can check the vet review and a lot more before choosing the vet for your special one.

Dealing with a fuzzy pets

Every pet parent can be similar (might be). But not every pet is the same. We all know there’s someone’s pet who is fuzzy, dramatic and does not like to travel at all. It can be challenging to take them to a vet.

And then our pets literally can start shivering the moment they enter the vet clinic. To avoid all that, Vet-On-Call can be your life savior.

Injury or disease

Accidents or ill health are inevitable, and during such difficult times, pet parents can really stress over how to look after their pets. Sometimes it’s the extra time consumption that can affect the seriousness of the injury. So why keep the stakes so high? With the ease of virtual consultation, you can get a consultation from the vet and then plan the next course of treatment with the right guidance.

How is Vet on Call changing pet parenting?  

Pet parents are compassionate towards their pets and with the assistance of Vet on Call, it becomes convenient and simple to know more about your pet. If you know more about your pet, then you can provide them with better care. We all know that there are so many instances where we get stuck. For example: When it comes to curating meals for your pet. You might get confused from time to time about what to give and exclude from your dog’s meals.

With the help of Vet on Call you can get a consultation from Veterinarian, who can guide you regarding what you can feed to your pet. The diet customization will exclusively be according to your dog/cat’s age, breed, eating preferences, etc.


In today’s age and time, people are moving towards tech-based solutions at full pace. Users are eager to explore new options and know more about convenient solutions. And Vet on Call is one such easy solution for pet parents. It is quick, simple, and super easy to use. We’ve laid down all the benefits as well as features for you.

It is better to get a piece of professional advice than to just google the symptoms. Our pets need only us for love and comfort, it is our duty to look for their utmost well-being. If you have any doubts or confusion regarding the vet on call or any suggestions, feel free to reach out to us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the privacy policy for the vet on call service?

We prioritize the privacy of our users. All personal information shared during the call is strictly confidential and protected according to our privacy policy. Rest assured that your privacy and confidentiality are of utmost importance to us.

Q: What is the refund policy for the vet on call service?

We have a refund policy in place for cases where due to unforeseen events there is a no-show from a vet or pet parents cancel out, etc. Please reach out to our support team for assistance regarding a refund.

Q: What are the operating hours/timing for the vet on call service?

Our vet on call service operates during specific hours. Please check our website or contact our support team to know the exact time when our service is available.

Q: What happens if I face internet connectivity issues during the call?

In case of internet connectivity issues during the call, we recommend trying to reconnect or switching to a more stable network. If the issue persists, please contact our support team, and we will do our best to assist you in finding a suitable solution.

Q: What if I have poor network coverage during the call?

If you experience poor network coverage during the call, we suggest finding a location with better network reception or moving to an area with a stronger signal. In case the problem persists, please inform our support team, and they will guide you accordingly.

Q: Can I follow up with additional calls after the initial consultation?

Yes, you can follow up with additional calls as required. Our vet on call service is designed to provide continuous support and guidance to pet owners.

Q: Can I get a prescription through the vet on call service?

Our veterinarians can provide prescriptions when deemed necessary during the consultation. However, please note that the issuance of prescriptions is at the discretion of the veterinarian and is based on specific circumstances and regulations.

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