Types of Dog Toys And How To Choose The Best Toy For Your Pet

April 13, 2022

Canines are fond of playing and chewing with dog toys. These are natural canine behavior, especially at the early stage of life. Therefore, dog toys are essential items for your pup. So, choose the appropriate toy for your dog when you take your pup home for the first time. Dogs face a lot of trouble if they do not have the correct articles to comply with their instincts. Moreover, it can even spoil everything around.

Dogs love and adore to play. It is mandatory to keep them active. Games boost the brain activity of your dog and the relationships between you and your furry friend. Choosing the correct dog toys will make the game safe.

There are numerous options available for choosing toys for your dog. So, choose simply the one that interests your dog. It depends on the style of playing and chewing of your dog. Try a few toys and observe them playing and chewing.

Consider the given factors before choosing the best dog toys:

As an owner, it’s a difficult task to choose the right toy for your furry friend. Here are a few things to keep in mind before choosing the right one for your dog.

Choose a pet toy according to your pup’s age

Pick soft rubber dog toys for puppies and senior-aged dogs. You can switch to interactive toys after the teething period. They will always keep your pet enthusiasts.

Pick the correct size of dog toy

Choose dog toys that suit the size and the breed of your dog. An extra big toy will not be appropriate for a puppy, and a large dog can swallow a small toy easily. That can be hazardous for them too.

Always keep safety in mind when choosing a dog toy

Safety is the most significant criterion before choosing the dog toy for your pet. It is precautionary to look for something that would not hurt your pet. It should not be toxic and more durable, for example, rubber objects.

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Variety Of Dog Toys

There is a number of dog toys available on the market but according to the demands of the pet parents, we have mentioned some of them.

Chewable dog toys

Chewable dog toys are flexible and made up of materials like latex or rubber with a squeaker inside them. Canines enjoy them because when dogs press them, they emit a squeak. They take on their former shape even after multiple chewing. But, their durability varies. So choose according to the habit of your pet.

These playing tools are useful using the toothing period also. They are of many shapes, sizes, qualities and thicknesses. The thinner ones are often very inexpensive and do not last very long. You can look for toys with silent squeakers if the sound bothers you a lot. They are at a high pitch so that only your dog can hear.

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Dog toys to catch up

A bouncing ball is made of rubber and is one of the most beloved toys and a must-have toy for any dog. There are various types of balls available such as tennis balls, rubber balls, glow-in-the-dark or flashing-light balls. Some balls also contain squeakers. Always pick one in the appropriate size. It should not be too large or too small. It must complement the size of your dog.

Avoid leaving tennis balls around for your dog to chew as its material can cause the teeth to wear down. Also, its broken pieces can lead to choking.

Plush/Squeaky dog toys

These are like ordinary toys that dogs love to beat up. Such toys do not last too long but provide fun. Make sure that it does not contain small plastic parts.

Many dogs adore plush dog toys and carry them around like babies or tear them apart like prey. Dogs rip into the stuffed toys because plush toys contain squeakers. Never leave your dog alone with plush toys to keep it from swallowing any stuffing because that can be fatal.

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Dog toys for pulling

These dog toys are braided ropes. They also help to remove a thin coating from their teeth. Therefore, they are more suitable for cleaning. Provide the rope toy to your dog to chew once a day under your supervision to help keep their teeth clean. The chewing action can slow down tartar build-up.

Most dogs love them, but you need to be careful as they can easily shred rope toys and may ingest pieces. That can lead to gastro obstruction. Never allow your dog to play with rope toys without your observation. Discard old and damaged rope toys.

Discs dog toys

Dogs that love balls and playing fetch also enjoy discs and other retrieval toys. The disc is more versatile than a ball because you can change its speed and direction. That challenges your dog and prevents boredom. Another toy like the Hurley is of unique shapes that may increase its excitement.

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Tug dog toys

Dogs enjoy playing tug-of-war too. It shows the healthy predatory nature of the dog. Moreover, it provides mental and physical exercise. Many tug toys come in various shapes, sizes, and materials. Choose a tug toy that is comfortable for you and your dog to hold and pull on. Check for its durability also. Replace the worn-out tug toys to avoid a break in the middle of a game and hurting someone. Keep them away from your dog until you are ready to play to give the feeling of a newer toy.

Water dog toys

Floating dog toys are great for water lovers. A plethora of water toys are available in the market that constitutes foam, rubber or plastic materials like floating balls and rings. It is easy for your dog to find and grab them in the water. Buy toys that do not sink in or fill up with water. Rinse them thoroughly after use and let them dry out in the sun to prevent mould.

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Treat filled dog toys

Food and treat-filled dog toys are fun and provide mental stimulation. They are of different shapes, maybe in the form of a ball or a tube and sizes. Again flexible materials like rubber, plastic or silicone are used for making such toys. The most loved toy is the Kong, in which you can fill in peanut butter, kibble or many other favourite treats of your dog. Food dispensing toys can keep your dog busy for hours and integrate its energy. It is also helpful in pooch training. You can fill the toy with butter or yoghurt and freeze it to give your dog a refreshing snack.


Choosing a dog toy for your pet is a serious business. Remember that all toys can pose a risk if your dog swallows any part. In addition, avoid toys with sharp or frayed edges because that can cause injuries. Always watch your dog while playing to prevent accidents. Discard the damaged and worn-out toys. Keep all the toys out of their reach as there is some probability that they can swallow small parts of the toy.

If you seem to end up with too many toys, put away several of them for a while and then reintroduce them to your furry friend. Your dog will treat them as new toys.

To find out its favourite toy, you need to know its preferences. As you already have several toys, notice which one is most frayed as that is the one your friend plays with most of the time.

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