Tips To Travel In Train With Your Pet Dog

November 26, 2021

Dogs are the most significant part of life for those who believe that they make their lives whole. Dogs as your pet are an inseparable part of your life. They are the most loyal friends a person can have. Being a pet parent, you do not leave any effort to care and pamper for your pet dogs. But the problem arises when you have to travel by train, leaving your pet alone. Most people would love to carry their pets along but is it a feasible option when traveling by train? The majority of people are unaware of the information in this regard. There is a lot of confusion about the Indian Railway’s rules and regulations. So, here are some clarifications and tips to travel by train with your pet dog.

Can You Take The Dogs With You on a Train?

Yes, you can take your dogs along with you on trains. But you need to follow some rules and regulations of the Indian railways. You can keep them close in your compartment only when you are traveling by First Class AC. In other cases, just like any other luggage, they need to be carried in the Brake or Luggage Van. Dogs can also be allowed in a train coach as an eye of a blind person. But even when you take the dog along, make sure that the dog does not cause any nuisance. The consent of fellow passengers is also mandatory for the same.

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Few Tips to Keep in Mind While Traveling With Your Dog

Reserve the First-Class AC

Reserving a First-Class AC coupe is the best way to travel by train with your dog. Booking some extra berths would assure a comfortable travel experience for your beloved pet.

Railway Act Section 77-A

According to section 77-A of the Indian Railway Act, the liability of Railways as carriers of animals is limited.

Pet Safety

Railway will not be responsible for the loss, destruction, damage, deterioration, or non-delivery of animals after the termination of transit.

The Parcel Office

Contact the parcel office to make the bookings for your dog at least two days before the commencement of the journey.

Charges Without Booking

Dogs without bookings with their parents in First class compartments are subject to a charge that is six times the Luggage scale rate to a minimum of Rs.50/-

If You Are a Lady Passenger

A lady traveling with children under 12 years of age in a first-class compartment may take with her one dog on payment of Rs.10/- provided that another lady or passengers give their consent.

Without Prior Booking

Any dog detected without a prior booking will be charged double the dog box. These charges are prepaid.

General Passengers

General passengers traveling in other classes cannot take the dog along. But you can carry it in the specially designed chargeable Dog Boxes available in the brake van.

Dog Travelling With Blind Person

If the dog is traveling as a companion of a blind person, the charges will be the same, though they remain within the compartment. However, the dogs must have Collars and Chains fitted for such travel.

Food And Water

The arrangement of food and water is the responsibility of the owner for the complete journey.

First-Class AC Rule

The consent of fellow passengers is mandatory even are in a First-Class AC compartment. If they object, it will be sent to the Guard’s van immediately with no refund policy.

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AC Sleeper Coaches

You cannot carry your dogs in the compartments of AC Sleeper coaches, AC chair cars, or second-class coaches.

If You Break The Rule

If a breach of any Indian railway rules, the pet will be transferred immediately to the brake van with extra charges complying with six times the Luggage Scale Rate.

Large Dogs

Large dogs which do not fit in the dog box of a brake van can travel in vehicles of horses at the same rates.

Small Dogs

Boxes in other compartments for small dogs are also available at a minimal charge of Rs. 10/-.

Is Travelling in Indian Trains Safe With Dogs?

Indian Railways is one of the best transports to carry your pets to a longer distance. It is safe and cheap. The laws are accessible and permit small, big, and all kinds of animals.

It is very comfortable for dogs as there are several breaks during the journey. The first-class coach or coupe is well-ventilated so that the pet can stay with the family or an individual pet parent. So, you can carry your dog only if you will follow all the rules and regulations of the Indian Railways.

Final Words

However, as a pet parent, you want to be sure about their safety. The fact is quite the opposite, the conditions of Dog Boxes are not very good. There are small boxes in separate compartments with iron shutters that have cramped spaces. Moreover, the coach does not have an air conditioner to regulate the temperature. Many dogs have not made it to the end of the journey because of excess heat, dehydration, and fright. So, travel with dogs only when you are in First class AC coach where it is convenient to accommodate them within your compartment.

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