Tick Powder For Dogs Uses, Side effect, Price, and Alternates

August 22, 2022

Tick Powder for dogs has been one of the easiest & convenient ways of keeping ticks off. As regular walks are part of dogs’ daily regime. Their bodies are exposed to grass and polluted paths, more than often allowing the parasite and bacteria to get on your pet. Ticks prey on the dog’s flesh and the blood causing problems and infections.  

What are ticks? 

Ticks are parasites, commonly mistaken for insects. They feed on animals or human bodies by sucking blood. They can cause several diseases as they release toxins and once attached to your pet’s body & prey on it causing skin infections. Ticks look small at first and get bigger and darker as they fill with blood. 

How to look for ticks on your pet? 

Brush your hand over your pet’s body you might find some bumps on the fur, and those bumps might be ticks feeding on your pet’s body. Though your pet can get ticks at any time of the year but are quite common during the spring and autumn. It is advised to check (and clean) your dog once they return from outside as there are high chances of catching ticks. 

How to remove ticks from your pet’s body? 

As soon as you find a tick from a dog remove it at the earliest – the longer the tick is on a dog’s body, it becomes harmful to the dog’s health. You can use a tweezer, or any tool designated to remove a tick (make sure the object you are using is clean and sanitized as it will be in direct contact with your pet’s skin). Simply grab the tick from the tweezer and twist it and pluck it away from the body, make sure NOT TO squeeze the tick’s body.  

Some ticks might cause serious implications on the dog’s health if you notice some behavioural changes consult a veterinarian immediately. Symptoms such as loss of appetite, change in voice or bark, kecking, difficulty in breathing, and being slow and lethargic are some common symptoms impacting the dog.  

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How to prevent ticks on dogs? 

The chances a dog can get ticks are extremely high as soon as the dog steps outside. We recommend using dog shoes or covering your dog’s paws, especially during monsoon, as moist and humid climates attract the chances to get ticks on dogs.  

One of the most effective ways of preventing ticks is using tick powder for dogs. It is convenient and easy to use, and your dog will not be even bothered if you use it on them.  

What To Do When Ticks And Fleas Are Worrying Your Pets?

Why use tick powder for dogs? 

Tick Powder helps in drying out fleas and ticks on animals. It is one most convenient methods as there are several different alternatives to treat ticks on dogs followed by collars, pills, etc. however one that is stress-free for both you and your pet is to opt for tick powder.  

How to use tick powder for dogs? 

It is as easy as it sounds, simply sprinkles the tick powder on your dog and thoroughly rub & massage it well on the dog’s fur all around the body. Make sure to apply it well around the neck, back of the ears, and the groin regions and paws well enough. You can also use tick powder for dogs on carpets and areas where your pet spends most of their time (sleeping area) as it is effective to keep ticks and fleas away preventing infestation.  

Tick powder for dogs is easily available in India, you can find the same online via shopping apps as well as retail and pharmacy shops. Notix Anti-Tick and Flea Pet Care Powder for Dogs is a great option to opt for.  

Notix Anti-Tick and Flea Pet Care Powder for dogs 

This Anti-Tick Powder holds a strong place among animal lovers and specifical cynophiles for an exceedingly long time in the pet space recommended by many veterinarians and specialists. It is a nontoxic composition that is harmless to animal skin and prevents any allergy. You can use this flea powder on all kinds of dogs. From young puppies to old dogs one can use to get rid of ticks using Notix powder, just simply apply it all over the dog’s body thoroughly after three days.  

With a different composition, Notix Powder is also available for cats as fleas and ticks are also common among other animals too. Cat keeps themselves clean, yet ticks can bother them also. You can opt to get one for your cat too as this easy procedure will not mind your cat much.  

Tick Powder For Dogs
Notix Anti-Tick and Flea Pet Care Powder for dogs 

Price for Notix Anti-Tick Powder for Dogs 

This effective solution for your pet is easily available and can be ordered both online and offline. The cost for Notix Anti-Tick and Flea Pet Care Powder is INR 250.  

Advantages of Notix Flea and Tick Powder for Dogs 

  • Parasites that can reside on a dog’s skin are fleas & ticks of varied sizes. Notix powder is effective against all types of parasites and helps to keep dog’s parasites free.  
  • You can use powder on carpets, socks, space where your dog spends the most time (bed), and other areas too to prevent and kill egg infestation and adult ticks.  
  • Notix Powder is safe and cruelty-free, does not hold any strong fragrance  
  • An additional benefit, this solution can also be used on doors and windows repellent.  
  • One of the major advantages of Notix Powder is the application is quite easy and can simply be dusted.  

Side effects of Notix Powder for Dogs 

Notix anti-flea and tick powder for dogs do not have any side effects and it is completely easy to use. However, if you observe some adverse reaction in your dog’s skin, body, or behavior – consult a veterinarian immediately.  

Other measures to prevent ticks and fleas  

Notix Shampoo for Dogs  

Sometimes due to avoidance or extreme conditions, dogs encounter major tick and flea problems. In those scenarios, using anti-tick powder will not be enough we recommend using Anti tick shampoo also for better results to end tick problems of your dog.   

You can get the same while treating your dog’s tick and flea along with the powder. Or Notix shampoo can also be used as a regular shampoo even if your dog does not face tick problems. It also adds shine and a smooth coating to the dog’s fur.  

Nutricare’s Anti Tick and Flea Shampoo 

Nutricare’s shampoo effectively control parasites such as ticks, lice, and mites infestation in pets. With a unique combination of antifungal and antibacterial properties, this product helps to prevent skin infection and maintains healthy skin. It also provides nourishment resolving irritated skin.  

It’s a great buy if you want to revitalize your pet’s fur and increase hair growth, promoting a healthy and clean fur coat.

Usage of Notix Shampoo   

Make your pet ready for a bath, and wet their coat with adequate water. Use shampoo to massage on dog’s body well and thoroughly. Rinse the same when applied completely and repeat the same once more this time leaving the shampoo for at least 5-10 mins.  

Topical Insecticides 

Topical insecticides are dermatology-tested products used for tick and flea treatment of dogs and cats. You can get one by consulting your pet’s vet and according to the need. The veterinary doctor will advise the usage and how often you can use the same on your pet.  

Anti-Tick & Flea Collars for Dogs 

Dog collars are used to keep ticks and fleas away but are most effective around the neck region only. If your dog has aggressive ticks all over the body, we recommend other treatments such as using sprays, powder, and shampoos. 

Tick collar for dogs
Tick collars for dogs

Dogs Sprays  

Using dog spray is also an effective method to treat ticks and fleas. There are several unconventional products for the same available in the market. Before choosing any random we prefer you discuss your pet’s vet and then go for one.  
The application of dog sprays is convenient – one important thing to note;
Make sure the spray does not come in direct contact with the dog’s eyes when applying the spray. Spray it only after making a good distance from your dog’s face.

Dog owner using Tick spray
Tick spray for dogs

Prevention And Control Of Tick And Flea Infestation In Pets

Preventive Measures  

  • The dog should not spend a long time around wooden spaces as parasites pray in these spaces.  
  • Avoid long grass in your yard, and keep your garden well maintained.  
  • Keep a regular check on your pet’s body once they come back from their regular walks. This ensures that ticks are not avoided for long. 
  • Make sure you do not have open spaces where ticks and fleas can breed eggs.  

We advise a regular check with your pet’s veterinarian which makes sure that your pet is in a healthy condition. You can check and get a consultation or book an appointment for your pet vet on call.  

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