Ten Friendliest Cat Breeds

October 11, 2021

Anyone who has a cat as their pet knows that these little ones are amazing creatures that can bring loads of fun and love into your life. And each kitty has their preferences and favorites. There are a lot of amiable, demonstrative, warm, and delightful cats in all the feline breeds. But these friendliest cat breeds are known for their friendliness and lack of shyness. If you are planning on bringing an extrovert cat into your family, some are worth considering.

Before we dive into our list of friendly feline breeds, first, keep in mind that there is always an exception, even if you have chosen from the one who is known for its outgoing demeanor. So, despite the breed, you will come across a cat that is more shy than social. Cats have a cordial and affectionate side. Felines might not be as friendly as dogs, but some cat breeds are close.

Here are some of the sweetest cat breeds:


The name is so cute for the whole breed of cats. Do you know there are plenty of cuddles to be had once you welcome a RAGDOLL into your life? It is one of the friendliest cat breeds. They love to spend time with their owners the most.
After spending few days in their company will make you wonder whether you have adopted a puppy or a kitten. Some owners take their puppy-like docile nature seriously and teach them to play fetch or to come when called. You will have little doubt that you are in the company of the most affectionate cat breed ever when the ball of fur can not resist flopping into your arms every time you hold them.


Ragdolls are super pretty and big cats. They are tender, relaxed, mild, and great attention-seekers. They are anxious to please, and they love to be in your arms. If you are looking for a cat that will follow you around everywhere, the well-behaved Ragdoll is a good choice.



Fluffy, cuddly, and fuzzy kittens in the feline world are the PERSIAN – one of the most popular breeds of cats. You will often find them patiently waiting for you to sit down so they can find their comfortable spot right on your lap. They are a relaxed and friendly cat breed. They will steal your heart just by sitting quietly and looking pretty, which they will be doing plenty of time.


The unique-looking Persians are affectionate, laid-back, sweet, and gentle. These quiet cats like being around people, so they will often sit nearby only to be in your company. Moreover, these kitties are also playful, and they enjoy the attention during their grooming. At the same time, a Persian cat might be a good choice if you do not want an attention-seeking kitty. And it is worth noting that some of these cats might not feel comfortable being around new people, so be patient until they learn to trust you.


A windowsill is the BURMESE favorite place in the world. They will never ignore their owners and will take all the attention you give them. They will curiously follow you around seeking attention to know what is in your cupboards, sit on your shoulder while browsing the Internet and get into you and the television. You might have to give us your privacy with a Burmese in your house, but they will surely make up for it with cuddles. They are one of the most affectionate cat breeds, always up for snuggling time and keen to have the kids playing around them all the time.


The charming and loving Burmese is known for its friendly disposition, and these cats tend to be comfortable with people cuddling them, hugging them, and kissing them. And if you are looking for a cat that will get along with people and other pets and will enjoy spending time purring in your lap, the affectionate Burmese would not be disappointing.



The MAINE COON manages to get the balance between being the loyal companion and a deep independent streak. Though they have a big physique, they love a good cuddle in your lap the most. The second alternative is perhaps making the rodents run for dear life as they always want to show off their chasing skills.

Maine Coon

It is a brilliant cat so keep the toy box full of plenty of puzzle toys. Nothing spells fun for these kittens more than an exciting mental challenge.
They are also known as gentle giants who are friendly with everyone, even if they encounter them for the first time. They get along with kids and other pets very well. These felines will always be around to show their caring nature.


The Exotic is closely related to the Persian and therefore have too many similar habits. They are a bit more loving and playful than Persian. They have considerably shorter hair so; it is easier to manage their grooming schedule. If you are looking for a faithful and trustworthy companion, this one is the most suitable cat breed.

Exotic Shorthair

The sweet and exotic breed is an ideal choice for anyone who would love to have a lap cat to call their own. These felines will gladly cuddle with you and follow you around. They might be a little shy at first around strangers and kids, so give them some time to warm up. They will be full of love once they are comfortable.



Never too loud or demanding and happy to wait patiently for their owner to come without any misbehavior. Chartreux cats are always on their best etiquette.
These cats are friendly companions and become devoted to their human families very quickly. They give plenty of attention to the guests also. Their quiet nature also means that you won’t hear more than a chirp if something ever goes wrong, so check them frequently to make sure that they are enjoying or not.



The Manx is unique because it does not have a tail. Beyond its appearance, though, what makes this breed stand out is its socializing nature, playfulness, and talkative personality. These kitties prefer being in the company of their family, and they will trust you and dedicate themselves to you for good. Overall, these adorable kitties tend to be adaptable, energetic, affectionate, and friendly even towards dogs and children. They have high social needs, though, so this is a breed that might not be right for you if your lifestyle would not make it easy to give them the attention they want.




With looks like no other, the Sphynx doesn’t mind the spotlight at all. They will grab all the attention they can get and return you with happy purrs and cuddles. These affectionate cat breeds are talkative and very playful. They have a distinctive hairless look, which will make them feel chilly in winters and might even get sunburned in the summer. The lucky owners can be proud to have one of the most undemanding and friendly cat breeds around.


These may look wild, but their nature completely contradicts it. These cats are active, devoted, and friendly enough to get along with people and other pets. Like Manx, these also have high social needs. They are confident, outgoing, and friendly towards strangers too. Moreover, they can gel up with dogs and children. They enjoy relaxing and playtime equally with you. Affectionate and full of zeal, this is the right breed if you need a beautiful cat with a lovely personality.



The cat friend you wish you also had in human form. They live every minute to the fullest, which means you have to level up your energy to match their personality. But it is joyful to own an intelligent and friendly cat. They remain very close to their owner no matter what. You will find them in the kitchen while cooking, perched on your shoulder and snuggle next to you on a movie night. There is no doubt that you will be besties forever. The Abyssinian is one of the loveliest cats breeds you can ever wish.


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