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October 21, 2022


The teacup breed of dog is one of the types of toy dog breed, which is simply a small breed of dog in size. The name “Teacup” has come up from the resemblance to little and delicate teacups. These dogs are literally like a small fur balls, irresistibly cute.  

Teacup Dogs Available in India

The teacup dog breed is available in India in different regions. The availability of this breed depends on the breeder as these dogs are bred from the litter. Breeding among small dog breed results in the teacup dog breed. If you are unable to resist the urge to bring home your own little teacup, we’re here to help you.  

The Teacup Dog Price in India Factors

The teacup dog price in India depends on several factors such as location, temperature, age, availability, etc.  You can conduct your own search for different breeders and evaluate them. Teacups are hard to avoid due to their immense cuteness but there are also several conditional health problems that also come along with this breed.  

As this is not an original dog breed, instead bred by the mixing of small breeds like pom or poodle so it is important to make sure that the pup you are choosing should be also healthy.  

Teacup Dog Breeds Available in India

There are very popular dog breeds in India & the same fall under the Teacup dog breed. Check out the list below: 

  • The Chihuahua 
  • The Maltese 
  • The Pomeranian 
  • The Poodle 
  • The Pug 
  • The Shih Tzu 
  • The Silky Terrier 
  • The Yorkshire Terrie 
  • Miniature Pug 
  • Teacup Yorkie 
  • Maltipoo 
  • Spaniel 
  • Teacup Papillion 
  • Miniature Schnauzer 

Teacup Dog Price in India

Now let us discuss the teacup dog price in India. Teacup dog breeds can be very expensive because they are often bred for commercial purposes. In India, teacup dogs can cost anywhere between 5,000INR to 92,000INR. As mentioned prior, the cost of a dog is determined by a number of elements, including the breeder, the dog’s health, etc. 

We have collated the teacup dog price in India according to different places and cities in India:  

Cities Dog Price
Tea Cup Dog Price in Chennai5,000 -1,00,000
Tea Cup Dog Price in Delhi10,000 – 95,000
Tea Cup Dog Price in Kerala5,000 – 90,000

The price of a Teacup dog in Chennai is between Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 100,000
The price of a Teacup dog in Delhi is between Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 95,000
The price of a Teacup dog in Kerala can range anywhere from Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 90,000

Tip: It is difficult to determine the price of a teacup by state, however anywhere in the nation, a teacup will cost at least Rs. 3000. The price of a dog can vary depending on the breeder’s location or the puppy’s origins. 

Common Health Issues Found in Teacup Dog Breed 

While different dog breeds have different health problems, all kinds of dogs are prone to heart disease, diabetes, and visual problems like cataracts. However, due to their diminutive stature, teacups frequently encounter health problems.  

Some common issues are as follows: 


Due to their appealing sweetness, these cute little puppies have enjoyed over time a high level of popularity. These little ones never grow up! They always remain little and sweet.  

Let us just inform you in advance that though this breed is small, cute, and tiny, do not consider them as small or timid. In reality, teacups are brave, sharp, and confident. These dogs are bred to be lap dogs; they crave constant attention and affection. They get very unhappy when left alone and require your attention to feel safe and comfortable. A Teacup puppy will curl up next to you while you relax on the couch or sleep in your bed. 
 If you look for a playful companion, then you must know that teacups are not extremely noisy, yet they are naughty enough to delight you as their playmate. 

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The typical lifespan of a teacup dog is 9 to 15 years, depending on the breed. Inbreeding in general can drastically shorten a dog’s life. Even though small dog breeds have higher longevity than larger ones, inbred teacup dogs’ lifespans would be comparable to those of their normal-sized breed counterparts. However, because of the physical and psychological problems, their lifespan can be significantly reduced. 

About Weight & Height

Teacup dogs can weigh as little as two pounds and grow to be no more than 17 inches. Additionally, any dog that weighs less than 15 pounds is considered a “toy” breed. 


While teacups with long hair will occasionally need grooming, those with short fur don’t need it as often. The purpose of grooming is to detangle the dog’s fur and keep it from tripping over its own fur. The risk of injury is higher if the small puppy has an excessive amount of fur. It can fall on top of its own fur. 

Tip: A brush can be used to comb the hair, and safety scissors can be used to clip the hair. 

Another necessary part is washing the teacup. You must give your puppy a bath if it is sweaty or otherwise dirty.  

Health Care Tips

A timely visit to the Vet  

Teacups are bred from different small breeds, and there are several health problems that can arise due to the issues this breed commonly has. Teacups’ health could suffer greatly from these disorders.  

Therefore, it is important that little teacups see a veterinarian so that the vet can determine whether the puppy has any health issues. The essential puppy immunizations and deworming will be administered by the veterinarian. De-worming is a highly important procedure for all pups and adult dogs. The veterinarian will also advise you on how to protect the health of your pup. 

Providing Adequate Rest & Sleep 

Teacup puppies are believed to be a particularly active breed. They can frequently become exhausted as a result. You’ll also observe that the though small yet active ones require rest after playing. Therefore, you need to find the little puppy a cozy area to relax. 

Sleep is very important for teacups, and you must take care to keep your pet undisturbed while it is fast asleep. It requires sleep at a pace of 14 hours each day, and the sleep should be uninterrupted. The cause is that these puppies could only replenish their sleep after they had woken up. 

Interesting Facts About Teacup Dogs 

Teacups are extremely adorable – as we’re aware that this breed is not an actual breed but instead a mix. There are some interesting facts you must be known about:  

  • A teacup can max of 40cm long 
  • At most, they can weigh up to kgs 
  • Teacups are also known as ‘Designer Dogs’ 
  • Due to their small body, teacups’ metabolism is fast so they eat a lot! 
  • House training teacup dogs can be more difficult compared to other dogs. 


Q. What is the difference between teacup and runt? 

A teacup is a dog breed that is bred as tiny as possible; the majority weigh 5 pounds or less. On the other hand, a runt refers to the tiniest (or occasionally weakest) puppy to be born in a litter. Specifically, this relates to size and weight.  

Q. Why are teacup dogs so expensive? 

Unreliable breeders could utilize methods like inbreeding runts or breeding canines that aren’t naturally functioning or healthy (with deformities). They are aware that inbreeding causes dogs to have shorter, less healthy lives. This explains why teacup pups and designer crossbreed dogs may sell for such modest costs. 

Q. Can teacup dogs have babies? 

As teacup dogs are already the offspring of inbreeding between two litter runts, having a litter is difficult for them. As a result of the detrimental effects of inbreeding on having children, they are also vulnerable to a variety of ill conditions. 

Q. Can teacups bark too much? 

Yes, little teacups bark a lot compared to big dogs or other breeds.  

Q. Can I leave my teacup dog alone for a few hours? 

Teacup dogs are advised not to be left unattended or alone. Because they are so little, even light rough handling by a child can be harmful. This is especially true if they are outside because owls or hawks can readily take them. 

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