15 Reasons Why You Should Adopt a Dog From Animal Shelter

April 27, 2022

Adopt a Dog from Animal Shelter please both the dog and the owner. It is like finding a new companion who will love unconditionally and is your best friend forever. Every family has a different choice as some want a big guard dog, while others want a little cute lap pup. Some have extra time and resources to spend on their dog, while others cannot make time in their busy schedules.

But whatever is the case, it is a fact that your perfect companion is waiting for you in an animal shelter near you. It is quite a task to rescue a dog. Also, it is tough for the dog to overcome the past. So, give it enough time to adapt to the new situation.

Moreover, there are many unknown benefits in choosing a rescue dog over a pup bought from the market.

Here are 15 reasons why you should adopt a dog from animal shelter

1. You are giving a new life

Pet Adoption not only moves an animal from unsafe to a safer place and also creates space, more resources, and attention for the remaining animals. However, the foremost thing for you is that you have saved a life. Even if you are adopting a dog from a no-kill shelter, remember that it could get shuttled elsewhere if not adopted quickly. Just think about all those animals who deserve love and care and wish for homes.

2. You are fighting against puppy mills

Puppy mills are mass breeding facilities or farms that keep dogs in poor condition to earn a profit. In puppy mills, they keep dogs isolated for their entire life, without their basic needs. Mother dogs are abandoned or killed after they attain the age of bearing a new litter.

Adopting a dog from animal shelter means you are not supporting these industries. To bring some change to society, you should not buy a puppy from pet stores because you may end up with a puppy mill dog. Some states are passing laws to ban pet stores from selling dogs. They can only showcase dogs adoptable from local shelters and rescues.

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3. Shelter dogs are already trained

Potty training a puppy is not an easy task. Many of the dogs are house-trained with dog training basic commands. Therefore, rescue dogs are a better option for first-time pet parents. Untrained puppies need regular assistance as you cannot leave them alone at home for too long. Adopting shelter dogs will save you from cleaning messes and the chaos a young pup creates in the house.

You would feel fortunate enough as they may already know some tricks too. They had a previous owner, so it is possible that your new dog already knows the basic commands like sit, stay, fetch, and lie down.

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4. You can set an example

Everyone loves to hear a heartwarming adoption story. You can be the catalyst to convince others to bring home a dog from the shelter nearby. And after hearing about your happy and pleasant pet, they can overcome all fears they might have.

If you have children, then adopting a dog rather than buying one can be a great example. It is a super-easy way to show them the importance of helping an animal in need. It can teach them all about kindness, compassion, and caring.

5. You are Supporting an overpopulated shelter

Despite numerous enthusiastic volunteers at shelters, these facilities are still overworked. Even after hiring so many volunteers, almost all facilities often run short. These shortages restrict the number of animals any shelter can accommodate. Adopting a dog from a shelter can help take some pressure off. There are 600 million unwanted dogs all around the world. They are left abandoned on the streets or homeless. Adopting will reduce the number of stray dogs.

6. Shelter dogs would feel overwhelmed

Every pet loves its parents, but shelter dogs know the true meaning of being homeless, so it values a home more than anything else. Now that they have a family and home, they appreciate the love and care given by you more than other dogs. Every time you clean up a mess or endure its smell, you can remind yourself about the homeless creature and the affection it deserves.

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7. Adopting a dog from animal shelter is economical

Shelters almost always complete all the vaccinations of animals. Shelter dogs are already spayed, neutered, vaccinated, and even microchipped. Shelters take care of the health problems of the animals very well. Therefore, all the rescues have already been cured or treated. So, think about all the money you can save and spend on toys for your new furry friend.

Moreover, dog breeders charge too much for purebreds. Whereas shelter dogs comparatively are cheaper as the adoption price is often too low.

8. Multiple breeds are available at animal shelters

An animal shelter invests in the well-being of its animals, and many are trying to create matches of the animal’s personality to its dream home. Some people avoid adoption because they want a particular dog breed. However, it is wrong to believe that shelters only have mutts or mixed breeds. Many purebred dogs end up in shelters because of irresponsible parents. So, while visiting multiple dog shelters, there is a probability that you may find the desired breed. Even if you know which dog breed you want for your family, the pup behind bars can change your mind.

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9. Shelter dogs can teach you selflessness

You have to devote more time to a rescue animal than another dog. It has a history that can scare them more than you can imagine. It is not easy to own the troubles of a shelter dog, but the feeling is rewarding and will make you proud of yourself. This will teach you selflessness and turn you into a much kinder person.

If you have been around dogs before, you will know that their owner is their whole world. A mistreated dog puts its trust in you, which is a feeling of privilege and joy. So, if you are looking for unconditional love, a rescue dog could be just what you need.

10. Rescue dogs are loyal and mature

The bond between you and a rescue dog is unique. It appreciates your love more than you can imagine. Once they gain full faith in you and start loving you, nothing can come between both of you. They are known for their loyalty. In addition, older dogs are much less likely to create a mess in the house or tear into your couch or put wear on carpets. By adopting a mature animal from the shelter, you can protect your living space and enjoy the company of a new friend too.

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11. Shelter dogs are great at guarding

The shelter dog knows the value of its new home and may feel territorial about it. That increases the level of safety for the family. They are protective and are always ready to act as a barrier between you and the thing that might threaten you.

12. You can get details about your new friend from the shelter before adoption

Animal shelters always want to give a positive experience to new pet parents. For that, they collect most of the information about every dog. Therefore, it is convenient for you to find out about their likes and dislikes, whether they are potty trained or not, their medical history, and other relevant data.

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13. The puppy stage is eliminated

Puppies are adorable, but the destruction they cause is not. When adopting a puppy, you should prepare yourself for an unbalanced life at the initial stage. But you can skip all the chaos if you choose to take an adult dog home. However, adopting a pup has its merits. You can train it from a younger age according to you. That will give you better control over their mind and soul.

The chances of getting a puppy for adoption in a dog shelter are less. Mostly there are adult dogs at shelters who have previously lived in other households. Many dogs come to shelters just because their previous owner did not have a pet-friendly atmosphere.

14. You adopt a healthier dog

Because of poor breeding practices, dogs that you buy from breeders suffer from severe health problems. Moreover, purebred dogs mostly have genetic issues because of the breeding process. A dog from puppy mills has more chances of acquiring health problems. The poor conditions and lack of veterinary care can make the situation worse. However, shelters provide veterinary care to every animal. Additionally, most of them are mixed-breed dogs, which reduces the chances of genetic problems.

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15. Rescue dogs you active

Dogs need regular walking. Walking outdoors has many benefits for both you and your puppy. You will feel happier and healthier after the exercise. Rescue dogs do not have anyone to care for. There is hardly anyone who bothers to take them for a walk. That will give you extra motivation to take them for a long stroll.


Do you know one thing?

Once you lock eyes with your new best friend, it will be love at first sight. So, give it a try and visit the shelter in the neighborhood. You will find the little bundle of joy that you can bring home to enjoy a new life together. That will turn you into a better person because you will give the little poor homeless creature what it deserves. It is a different experience that will make you feel more proud, content, and selfless.

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