Pet Microchip Scanner – A Device to Find Your Lost Pet

October 9, 2022

Pet microchip scanner might be a new term for a few people but if you are an absolute animal lover, you must have some idea. A microchip scanner helps to scan and identify the ID of the pet. A pet microchip and scanner go hand in hand. A pet microchip is a great tool to keep a record of your pet’s information – relevant information such as unique identification number, vaccination record, pet owner’s details, etc.

Importance of Pet Microchip Scanner

If your pet is microchipped and you want to access its information for any use such as during international travels, a registered microchipped pet is a compulsion for traveling abroad. A scanner will help you to confirm the registration of your pet.

With the ease of traveling – multiple options are available for pet parents to take their fellow companion along and have the trip they always desired. ‘The one with my pet’, taking your pet along with you has several benefits. Your pet won’t be left alone.

We emphasize here that getting your pet microchipped is not enough. Once your pet has been microchipped make sure that you, as a parent has completed the registration process by completing the simple steps.

Now if your pet is microchipped and registered, you can take them anywhere and have that ultimate traveling experience with your favorite being.

Get Your Pet Microchipped

Common Challenges

Now, this is one of the major concerns, all pet parents go through. If you left your pet with someone other than you, your pet will definitely have issues as apart from the pet parent pets their behavior changes with other humans. Somewhere they do miss their fellow owner and especially if you have a new little pup or kitten.

On the other hand, if you take your pet with you then you also attain some sort of relief as you know there’s no rush to run back home. You might have the most amazing trip with your pet. Now all these things are only possible if your pet is successfully microchipped!

Benefits of Pet Microchip Scanner

Having a microchip scanner for your pet can is of great help. It’s not just a dedicated device for your pet but moreover, it’s a device that can be used to identify and scan any RFID microchips.

Lost and found

If you come across any pet that is lost and confused, NGOs or other helping bodies are a great way to rescue animals. However, if you have a microchip scanner you can first scan the pet and look for a microchip and if found – you’ve done a great job! You can simply take the pet to a near buy veterinarian who will perform the needful actions to connect with the pet’s parent.

Quick Identification of Pets

There might be many possible instances where you’ll find your pet twins. If there are similar-looking labs around it might create some confusion especially if you are at a big event (pet carnival or pet contest).

Having a microchip scanner can work in your favor, as an instant scan can resolve any chaotic confusion.

Easy International Travel

One of the mandatory steps is if you are planning to take your pet on a trip with you. Your pet must be microchipped and registered. If you have a scanner of your own, then you can simply scan and tell the number to the officials to confirm your pet carries a unique identification number at any place.

How to use a Pet Microchip Scanner?

A pet microchip scanner is convenient to use if you have a pet:

  • Move the scanner over the pet’s skin above the shoulders.
  • It takes a few seconds to detect the microchip, once it does the identification number will be visible on the scanner. 
  • You take to record the number and use it to record your pet’s medical record or any important information.

Without Scanner Microchip is Useless

Microchipping your pet is an incomplete process until and unless you are unable to identify or detect the unique ID. And this can only be done if you have access to a pet microchip scanner.

Things to keep in mind while buying a Pet Microchip Scanner

You can get a scanner for your pet from any online platform which performs promising tasks and detect any pet microchip around you on a pet.

Compare the scanner on the basis of customer feedback, you don’t want to land up with lesser quality or task-performing device. Always conduct research on your own.

Pet microchip scanner reviews available on different platforms can give you a detailed analysis of the product you are planning to buy.

If you have doubts and you don’t know which scanner to go for or what must be noted while buying one for your pet – you can check out Petofy Pet Microchip Scanner.

Petofy Pet Microchip Scanner Advantages

• High stability allows for adapting to all kinds of environments with no instability in long-term usage

• Reliability, ESD protection, surge protection

• Easy to operate; one button to read.

• Backlight screen makes it convenient for you to read.

• History data can be read in the internal reading mode.

• Alarm when the battery power is under 7.8, in low battery

It is easy to use and changeable. Helps to identify the pet’s ID within a few seconds.

Exclusive features of Petofy’s Pet Microchip Scanner

  • Wireless connectivity to the mobile app devices
  • In Built Bluetooth Scan Mode
  • Rapid rechargeable battery
  • Convenient reading
  • Made in India Product
  • Rapid Scanning Mode
  • In Built Buzzer for Detection
  • Data Latency Rate elimination
  • Cost Effective
  • Triple button to read & navigate
  • Long Continuous Working Time

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can a pet microchip scanner be used for cats?

Yes, a microchip scanner works for both cats and dogs, basically any animal that is microchipped.

Q. Why my scanner is unable to detect the microchip?

If the scanner is unable to detect a microchip, there can be the following reasons:

  • You are not scanning it properly – make sure you are using the scanner above the right place where a pet is microchipped.
  • The microchip is incorrectly placed on the pet’s skin. If incorrectly injected into the pet’s skin, the microchip won’t be found or detected by the scanner.
  • And at last, the pet is not microchipped.

Q. How to get a pet microchip scanner?

There are plenty of options available online. You can find one on any shopping platform.

Q. What happens if I don’t register the pet microchip?

If you scan a pet microchip that is not registered, then only the unique ID will be available without any record of the pet’s owner’s information or medical history.  

Q. Can the pet microchip scanner record my pet’s information?

Petofy’s Pet Microchip Scanner works on Bluetooth enabling function that makes updating your pet’s details super convenient.

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