Let’s Make this Diwali Safer For Pets And Stray Animals

November 2, 2021

It is celebration time as we all are gearing up for Diwali. The festival brings with it lights, new clothes, the distribution of sweets, and bursting crackers. But, fireworks and crackers cause a lot of trauma to all the animals at home and on the streets. They scare them, cause anxiety and irritate them. Diwali can be a stressful time for your pets and stray animals with loud noise and flickering lights. This year let us responsibly celebrate Diwali. It is sad to see the poor souls shivering, shaking, and barking during Diwali time. The harmful effects of Diwali can impact their hearing ability and make them restless. The crackers, the air pollution, and the remains of after Diwali celebration bother them. If you have a pet, you must know how they feel during this time. Many people believe that it is only for one evening so, there is not much harm done. Let’s make this Diwali safer and more enjoyable for pets and stray animals.

Effects of Diwali faced by pets and street animals

Unbearable Noise Pollution For Pets/Strays

The sound of firecrackers can also be fatal because dogs are easily susceptible to high-decibel sounds. The hearing ability of dogs is seven times more than humans. It is sometimes impossible for us to tolerate such loud sounds, then it is an unimaginable situation that dogs go through during this festival. It is high time we become a little more sensitive toward the plights these poor animals go through during the Festival of Lights. During Diwali, there are a lot of cases of dogs running away because of the noise and increasing abuse towards stray dogs. Pet owners can also use cotton earplugs for their pets and keep them indoors at all times to avoid them from running away.

Festivals Can be Stressful

The signs of stress are whining, fear, loss of appetite, or salivation. You may also have observed that many dogs even try to escape. You will notice most numbers of dogs go missing during this festival season.

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Pets And Strays Animals Are Prone to Accidents During Diwali

Though Diwali is an auspicious time of the year, we need to take good care of our pets and stray animals. Keep the doors and windows closed to keep your pets safe and sound.  But, think about those who do not own a house. On the occasion of Diwali, they run and hide under the cars. Thus, we should be careful while driving off and check for the dogs. We as residents must allow stray dogs to take shelter near our homes so that they are not wandering on the streets because there are chances of accidents. Those who have indoor parking can always open their doors for stray dogs so that they can find safe refuge. We can see lights all over the place, be cautious regarding the wiring. Leave no wire left loose or uncovered. Place all candles and lamps very carefully, as they may cause severe harm too. 

Feeding Excess Sweets to Pets

We need to ensure that we feed our pets and stray animals properly to make them energetic. Every house is full of tasty sweets in festive fervor. Make sure you are not feeding your pet or other animals sweet items as it is harmful.


The pollution during Diwali also increases, which causes a lot of issues with the animals. People need to be more open to stray dogs by adopting them and seeing them as pedigree dogs.

Animals Are Subject to Abuse During Festivals

As responsible citizens, we should ensure that nobody in the locality where we live should tease stray dogs by bursting crackers near them or tying them to their tails. Never scold or hit them, instead of that calm them down in a usual way and give them a lot of love.

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After Effects of Diwali

We should be careful that we don’t throw burnt crackers near animals. That is likely to damage their paw as they may carelessly step on it. Avoid using chemical colors for making rangoli. Instead, switch to organic colors or petals because they are not hazardous if your pet licks them.

Have a happy and safe Diwali. Moreover, avoid bursting crackers. Therefore, as we are the most intelligent living creature on earth, nature expects something from us. So, when we enjoy during the festivals the animals on the street want us to listen to this:

1 Imagine if there is a nuclear explosion – what would be its impact on us?

The crackers you burst feel like a nuclear explosion to us.

2 What would happen if you hear some continuous loud noise but, are unable to shut your ears?

We do not have fingers to shut our ears.

3 Celebrating Diwali makes us happy, but what about these mute souls?

You feel happy while bursting into crackers, but actually, it breaks your heart a little.

4 This would happen if we find smoke everywhere!

The smoke from the crackers makes everything blurry to us.

5 Next day of Diwali is not an unusual day for you. But it is for them!

It is the same day for you as any other day after Diwali but, it is not for us. It takes a long time for us to recover.

6 It is time to take care of those who care for you all the time!

We are enormous and brave enough to protect you but not ourselves.

7 So, this Diwali, let us take a pledge to say no to crackers and promote peace!

It is always a new start, so make a promise to yourself that you will give up crackers and show your love and concern for us.

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