Indian Spitz Dog- Everything You Need to Know About Price Health Lifespan

September 20, 2022


Long ago in India, the import and export of foreign breeds were restrained, and only German shepherds were allowed. This goes back to the 18th and 19th centuries. So later the breeders came up with a solution – a breed resembling the German spitz, Samoyed, and a bit Pomeranian. After the successful breeding of the German spitz in India and became adaptive to the Indian climate. Soon enough Indian Spitz Dog came into existence they became an absolute favorite of royal kings and maharajas. Spitz’s appearance goes well among royal grandeur and gained popularity.  

Fact: We wonder if the Indian subcontinent hadn’t prohibited the entry of foreign dog breeds into India, we wouldn’t have seen Indian Spitz into existence. [Can you imagine Indian Spitz – one of the most popular breeds of India never existed?] 

Fact: If you ever tell any of your known ones about Indian Spitz, they might not guess it right. But simply mention the movie ‘Hum Apke Hai Koun’ and the famous Indian spitz in it Tuffy! As soon as you blurt this name out everyone knows whom you’re talking about.   

Indian Dog Breed

Indian Spitz Dog Price in India 

Indian Spitz is a popular and common breed in India. And the price of the same ranges from INR3000 to INR8000. If you are planning to get one puppy of Indian Spitz, then the same will cost you around 2K and the price goes higher if you plan to bring an adult dog.  

**We highly recommend all to always adopt a dog from rescue groups or NGOs. Saving a life and allowing them to be a part of your family, nothing is better than that! 

Indian spitz dog

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Loyal, energetic, and playful – Indian spitz is a family companion and loves to play around with people they adore. Indian spitz is very active and intelligent, they get along with humans & even understand emotional communication well enough. So, if you have a spitz with you, they might know what mood you are in right now!   

If you have kids playing around your house all day long, then Indian spitz is your go-to dog. As they don’t get agitated around kids and it takes a lot to bother spitz around. Indian spitz originated from hunt dogs so they have great guarding skills. They are quite apt for indoor guarding of the house.  

Indian spitz dog

Indian Spitz not only gets along with kids but also other dogs. Though we might prepare you with an Indian Spitz attitude, though they are small in size with small legs and body their mind and mood are all of a big dog. They won’t hesitate to jump on for a fight with the big ones.  

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As they are highly intelligent so training them is easy. A lot of love and care will always keep your Indian Spitz happy.  

Fact: In the 1970’s and1980s, Indian spitz was used to a major extent in the circuses of India. 

Lifespan of Indian Spitz

The lifespan of Indian Spitz is ten to fourteen years. But you may be surprised to know that Indian spitz can live up to 16-18 years also. As this breed has originated in India it is very adaptable to this sub-temperature and lives long! 

Indian Spitz Dog Walking on Grass

Before discussing the life span of Indian spitz it is important to note that the two types of Indian spitz: 

The small spitz generally weighs around 5-7kg and the height is 8-10 inches. A very suitable companion if your life is in an apartment. Quite appropriate to live in flats. 

The great spitz weighs around 15-20kgs and the average height is 14-17inches.   

Grooming Tips For Indian Spitz Dog

One of the benefits of having Indian spitz in your family is that they don’t require much grooming or special care. They do shed a lot as they get new long hair coats in winter, it is preferable to give them a nice comb once a day to ensure they don’t shed all around the house.  

Fact: Indian spitz isn’t a challenge when it comes around grooming them. They enjoy cutting nails and massaging them.  

Regular bathing is also not necessary for Indian Spitz – you can bathe them when required (if they are dirty and smelling).  

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Health Care Tips For Indian Spitz

Indian Spitz is a highly adaptive breed and does not require special attention. With basic amenities, they can survive well enough. Some important tips for Indian Spitz: 

  • Bathe them once a month and keep regular brushing to avoid hair shedding  
  • During monsoon make sure to keep their legs and eyes clean as the chances of infection, ticks, and other parasites breeding increases 
  • Always feed them in a clean bowl and change their water bowl at regular intervals.  
  • The dog’s sleeping or playing area should also be cleaned on a timely basis.  
A cute beautiful Indian Dog breed Spitz

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Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Is Indian Spitz also known as Pomeranian? 

No, this is one of the biggest misconception people have in India. Pomeranian is a different dog breed found in Poland and West Germany. The size and appearance of Pomeranian are quite similar to Indian Spitz yet there is a notable difference between the two.  

  • How many shades of Indian Spitz are found in India? 

Indian Spitz is commonly found in three different colors, the most common among them is white. Other than white, brown, and dusky black is also found.  

The charming snow white is everyone’s favorite. 

  • What is the litter size of Indian Spitz? 

At once an Indian Spitz welcomes around 1-5 puppies in a litter. The normal gestation period is of around 60-65 days.  

  • Do Indian Spitz bark a lot? 

Indian spitz is highly intelligent and active, they hold the ability to detect suspicious behavior and will bark if they encounter any of such things.  If not trained properly they might bark a lot whenever they see something they don’t like (other dogs, kids, or outsiders).  

  • Does Spitz have small dog syndrome? 

Small dog syndrome is a set of behavior traits displayed by small dogs, this effect is from overcoming any deficits caused by being small in stature. Typical behaviors like excitement, jumping up on owners, other people, or dogs. Growling at people or other dogs. 

If your spitz has any of the above traits, they might have small dog syndrome. 

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