How to take care of your pet during lockdown

June 23, 2021

These are not normal times, and our pets are also feeling its repercussions.  Many pet owners have been complaining of their pets showing the signs of depression and anxiety and are also losing on their appetite. They have also become very lethargic as a result of not been able to go outside homes.  

This time is not easy for anyone especially our four-legged furry companions. It is not just their physical health that is at stake but being indoors for long hours without or very less exercise is a key factor to anxiety and depression. Moreover, less of physical activity also leads to loss of appetite and a weaker immunity system. Therefore, it is important to take extra care of your little furry friends. 

Some factors that you can consider towards pet care are listed below: 

Substitute the outdoor activities with indoor ones 

It is very essential to plan activities that can be easily performed at home and your pet feels recharged and happy after those. Pet owners who have a terrace at their home can make good use of them and pay with a cosco ball with their pet which he/she will enjoy the utmost. Most dogs and puppies also like to play around the garden area and run in the lawn. This can be a source of immense joy for them. You can also consider playing hide and seek, puzzle games with them, it makes them feel very charged up and they feel very involved with such tricks. 


Stock enough pet food and treats at home 

Our pets love been pampered every now and then, and what is a better way of pampering them than giving away their favorite treats to them, can be some organic chew sticks, their favorite toys, or some snacks. Once your dog accomplishes a particular or excretes at a designated potty spot then it can be pampered by giving them a pat on their back and their favorite snack. 

Spend more time and bond with your pets 

During these times, more than ever it’s important to spend your time with your pets. This is essentially a time when you should sit and talk to them. Even though, they cannot communicate with you, however, they can feel your emotions, sensitivity and sometimes also what you are trying to tell them.  

Keep them physically and mentally active  

It is an essential part of your dog care tip to keep them physically and mentally active. Unless they are active, they’ll not have a desire to eat, and which can subsequently lead to a loss of appetite. So, physical activity plays a vital role in the wellbeing of your dog, and they can also be mentally active when you engage them in a good and a recreational game. Pets love to play around and that keeps their tail wagging with happiness. 


Maintain good hygiene 

Hygiene is an important part of pet care. Its benefits are innumerable. Make sure you bathe your dog once in two weeks and often check on their nails and give them a trim whenever required. Also trimming their hair and taking care of their coat is an essential part of hygiene. Since its difficult nowadays to take our pets out for a walk so it is advisable to keep litter bags at home to dispose of animal waste properly. 

A well-groomed dog is an apple of everyone’s eye. Be it in your neighborhood or amongst your relatives and friends. So always be very particular about their hygiene. 

Take Preventive Measures 

It is very essential to take your pets to the vet from time to time, to make sure that they are given the important vaccines and medications, along with a complete health check. Grooming your pets, removing excess fur, and trimming their nails are also vital to prevent illness and stay protected. In case your vet is not available in the clinic due to the lockdown, seek advice from them or another healthcare professional through telemedicine services. 

Be Prepared for Emergencies 

As a pet parent, you must have certainly vaccinated your dog or cat, but it is indeed advisable to keep few medications handy. The most common requirement would be a de-worming medicine and other medications for vomit and indigestion. If you find your pet feeling sick like suffering from running fever, that could be an emergency. Talk to the vet immediately. 


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