How To Take Care Of Your Dog’s Paw

September 7, 2021

Healthy paws are an essential part of your dog’s well-being. Dog’s paws consist of skin, bones, tendons, connective tissue, and blood vessels. The pads have fats and elastic fibres, which help them cushion their joints and bones from shock. Protection of inner tissues is most important for your dog to move around comfortably. Pads also allow dogs in judging the surface they are walking on and adjust their body temperature. They bear their body weight and are essential for all their activities. Your dog uses their paws to run, fetch, go for walks, or generally get around. Pups need their paws to be in top shape to stay on the go, and it’s your job to take care of them and make sure your dog can keep moving.


Check and Clean regularly

It is more likely that objects like pebbles, weeds, thorns, and bits of glass get lodged in paws. Check them regularly, especially after any outdoor activity. You can use tweezers to remove unwanted substances. Wipe or wash the paws as soon as they finish their outside tasks. In winter, use a cloth soaked in warm water and give them a gentle massage.

How To Take Care Of Your Dog's Paw



Care tips for Dog's Paw

Some dogs may have allergies to certain types of grass. Dogs can be vulnerable to seasonal allergies too. Keeping their hygiene will help to prevent this.

Intense licking

Dog licking Paw

Dogs often lick their paws but, you must be careful of too much of it. Intense and constant licking can be a severe health issue like injury, pain, or allergy. Sometimes licking can be a behavior issue like anxiety. They may also do this if they have a problem in a different part of their body. That may lead to developing a bacterial infection. To avoid worse conditions, visit the vet as soon as possible.

Trimming and Grooming

Dog nail trim care

Just like humans, dogs require their nails to be cut and adequately maintain. Dog nails are not meant to touch the ground. If you hear your dog’s nails clicking on the floor, you should get them cut or trimmed by a vet. It is essential to get nails trimmed by a vet because if your dog has naturally dark nails, you cannot see where the paw pad begins. If you cut the paw pad by chance, it is harrowing and bloody for the dog at that time. Since most of the dogs do not like getting their nails cut.


Cracked Pads

How To Take Care Of Your Dog's Paw

If the paws are dry, then their pads may crack and bleed. Never use human lotion on dog paws. They can be too soft for a dog’s pads. To cure the foot, you can apply specialized dog paw pad moisturizers. It helps them in healing quickly. While using the lotion, you should massage them by rubbing between the pads and up in between each toe.

Winter-time care

Winter care tips for dog's paw

Uncontrolled exposure to cold weather could cause paw pads to dry out. From this, paws can get chapped. Cracks can also be on them. When the temperatures drop and snow falls, you should control the time your dog spends in the snow, or you can use boots to protect their paws from the cold, sharp ice, rock salt, and other harmful substances. In winter, paw moisturizer will help smooth their feet. Your pet may also be prone to licking its paws, which can be dangerous to a theme.

Summer Protection

summer care tips for dog paw

Similarly, during the hottest months, you should pay extra attention to your pet’s paws. Hot footway and dirt can lead your dog’s paw pads to crack and burn. To avoid extreme burning, avoid their walks on hot surfaces like sand. Check the ground yourself by placing your palm on the floor for five seconds. If you feel it hot, then you should avoid it and choose some grassy land.


Dog holding first aid kit in his mouth

Suppose you notice a cut or a crack on your dog’s paws. It will help if you wash that area with the solution to remove the irritation. Afterward, apply a cream to soothe the site and for healing. It would also help if you covered that area to be safe from any further injury.

DIY with Natural Ingredients

Add two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to three cups of warm water, and use this solution as a mist for your baby’s paw. Dilute ACV further as per requirement because it may sting the cut.
Due to dryness, they may start bleeding also so, hydrate them to soften them. Paws need special lotions. Humans’ products can cause more harm, or you can choose Aloe-Vera. It will work well as a lotion for pad massage.

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