How to deal with a Jealous Dog

May 11, 2022

Recently, a study on dog behavior proved that dogs do get jealous. Whether it is jealousy as humans experience it or anything else, dogs do feel envy. We often think that they can feel the same way that we do. But that is not true. Moreover, your dog may be acting assertive, pushy, or rude. However, it is hard to tell its exact feeling. Jealousy and possession are hard to concede. It can be troublesome for others, so you should identify the true feelings of your dog.

A jealous dog behavior may include:

  • Snapping
  • Getting between you and other objects
  • Behavior towards others
  • Extra attention to you

What Causes Dog Jealousy

Dogs want your attention, their favorite food, and other things from you. But when their demand increases to another level, you should look into the matter and check for its cause. Most of the time, your dog feels jealous just because of the changes in your lifestyle that affect your dog a lot. It can be a new schedule, home, or neighborhood. A new pet or a new member of the house can also be the reason for your dog’s jealous behavior. It is not easy for your dog to adapt to sudden variations.

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Another reason for your dog’s Jealous behaviors is boredom or insecurity. They want your attention, cuddles, care, and time. They want to have fun with you and want you to keep them busy with something or the other. When you fail to fulfill their expectations, there is a shortage of resources and space. That will lead to poor behavior development in the dogs.

Here are some signs of Dog Jealousy:

Dog Barking at other dog
  • Aggression
  • Going to the bathroom indoors or outside the litter box
  • Giving extra attention to you
  • Being Pushy
  • Growling and hissing
  • Fighting with other pets
  • Trying to scare off strangers
  • Leaving the room

How to reduce Jealous Behavior in Dog

Jealous behavior in Dogs

Here are some tips for reducing jealousy in a Dog:

  • Keep notes on the reasons that cause signs of jealousy. It will help you to manage your dog alone. You can also share the situation with your vet for professional advice.
  • Give equal love and attention to everyone if you have any other pet besides a dog.
  • Make your dog feel safe, secure, and relaxed in its crate. So, it sees it as its personal space.
  • Feed dogs separately to avoid a quarrel. Give them equal treats.
  • When you arrive home, you must give equal attention to your every pet.
  • Give them attention and praise when they behave calmly and do not show jealous behaviors.

Managing to keep the mental health of the dog stable is the most significant task to avoid any unwanted and unpleasant situations. You need to understand their basic needs as our pets only want our love and nothing more than that.

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Tips to Help Your Jealous Dog

If you see any symptoms of jealousy in your dog, you must eliminate the cause or try to find a permanent solution to reduce the problem. Pet parents generally think that their dog needs to understand and will eventually learn to deal with the cause of its jealousy. But if you consider the signs of jealousy, you will see that it is beneficial for you also if you balance the situation.

Here are some things that you can do to check the jealous behavior of your furry friend:

Tips to Help Your Jealous Dog
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  • Ignore

To avoid unwanted behavior, do not react when your dog shows jealousy. If your dog is doing something unpleasant in front of you, gently move it away or leave and carry on with your chores. That will make it understand that its behavior is not acceptable.

  • Reward

As you ignore the bad, you must praise the good behavior. Therefore, reward your dog when it is calm and relaxed. That will make it understand how it can make you happy and get a treat.

  • Give Attention

Give your dog the required attention. It may need a little extra love during this time, as it is already going through something that cannot be expressed and is easily acknowledgeable by all. You should be a responsible pet owner who can provide that extra care and love to your baby in its bad times.

  • Review training exercises

Use commands like sit, stay and come. You can use these commands when your dog is showing unacceptable behavior. Reinforcing behaviors will help establish your leadership and polish your skills in managing your dog’s jealousy behavior.

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  • Include new members

If the behavior of your dog changes due to the presence of a new person, then help your dog become familiar with it. When you go for a daily walk with your dog that time you should bring the new member with him. Sharing meals and spending playtime together will make it understandable that the new person is now part of the family. Offer appreciation or a treat at some calm and obedient behavior only.

  • Stand Firm

Never tolerate bad behavior, and do not allow your dog to rule the house with unwanted behaviors. Implement whatever disciplinary methods you use whenever your dog starts hissing, growling, tearing things up, or acting out.

  • Witness Changes

Try to supervise your dog during any changes. Make sure you are present when bringing a new member into the home. You may feel angry at your dog for acting out, but the truth is that it is your responsibility to make sure your home stays safe and stable.

  • Be Patient

Wait it out. Your dog is adjusting to the new situation, so try to be patient.

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Taking Care of Yourself and Your Dog

  • Divide and conquer: If you have a lot of issues going on at once or if the jealousy issue of your dog is leading to secondary behavior issues, you should focus on one problem at a time.
  • Manage like a pro: Follow the pet management rule. Engage them in exercise, make them feel contented, and do not forget about resource management.
  • Keep calm and carry on: Decide and make up your mind to share your life with an imperfect pet. That will reduce your and your dog’s anxiety and stress. As they are experts in tone and facial expression. They will understand your expectations by your gestures.

Get Help

Do not be afraid to call in a dog behavior specialist or work with a trainer if dog jealousy is an ongoing issue. Give your dog some alone quality time. Going on walks with another pet is good social time, but sometimes, your jealous pet may need space. Give your dog the gift of individual attention.


You are still a great pet parent. It is wise to call the vet or professional for extra help. If your dog becomes aggressive or their behavior is affecting their health or safety, be sure to enlist the assistance of a professional trainer. Recognizing your dog need help makes you a self-aware pet parent. Some people would respond that animals do not know how to be jealous, but you could tell from the actions of some pets that they feel jealous about everything.

Perhaps you do not want to call it jealousy because that is an emotion that you do not think animals can feel. But can you deny the behavior?

You would say that your dog is acting territorial. Call it what you will—it happens, and it is something that you may need to deal with sooner or later if you have pets in your home.

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