How to Book an Online Appointment with a Veterinary Doctor

October 31, 2022


It’s not an easy task to take your pet to a vet. Pets are difficult to manage while traveling & especially when your pet is unwell. In these scenarios, you can rely on Vet on Call where one can eliminate traveling and choose any easy way to connect. Not only it helps with oversimplifying the whole task of taking your pet to a veterinarian. It also saves time and cost. Long queues, extra cost & struggle with the travel – all get eliminated with one simple function. Making your dog and your life much easier.  

What is Vet on Call? 

Vet on Call is a veterinary service that offers prompt and insightful guidance on your pet’s overall health issues. From the comfort of your home, this is a convenient and efficient method to find answers to all your pet-related questions. Receive constant support from knowledgeable vets. 

How to book an appointment with a Vet? 

An easy and simple way, just visit our website and check out the “Our Services” section. You can basically book an appointment with one click. Click and fill out all the relevant information about your pet. The problem it is facing and you’re good to go!

vet on call service by petofy

Our experienced veterinarian will call you at the time you set. Yes, you can choose a time according to your preference and get a call booked for your pet.

Need for Vet on Call 

The effort required to do a task varies. Sometimes all you need is a bit of guidance to clear out some confusion or you might be unaware of certain behavior of your pet. Suddenly your dog may have started doing some unusual activity or your cat might have stopped eating their favorite meal. These are all the little but yes very alarming behavioral changes now for the same your pet might not be needed to take to a vet.  
You just require a quick consultation from an experienced and qualified vet. And with Vet on Call, you can easily get it without any major hassle and save a lot of time.  

Benefits of Vet on Call

Cost Efficient

As pet parents, we all know the expenses of keeping a pet are real and heavy. No matter whether you have a small pet or a big breed. All need good food, lifestyle, and timely care and medication. Now, these are all mandatory things you as a pet owner cannot miss out on these must needed requirements.  
On the other hand, you do can save on unnecessary travel. There a recent analysis will prove that online consultations are way cheaper compared to actual offline visits. You save not only the traveling expense but also the overall vet charges are comparatively lesser than those of an offline vet clinic.  

Time management

Many pet parents are aware of the struggle of taking their pets to a vet. You need planning and strategy, because oh boy our pets notice all our activity. So prior booking your slot for pet consultation is a relief for both pet and parent.   

Expert consultation

Without the hassle of doing research you can get the best advice for your pet from skilled veterinarians. This is an exclusive virtual benefit because offline there are always area constraints. It’s not mandatory that you can get the best doctors in the area where you reside. 

Flexible time slots

One of the perks of using a vet on call for your pet consultation is choosing a desirable time slot according to your preference. Instead of being constrained by vet office time slots, you can easily choose a time preferred by you.  

Gadgets preference

You need not have a problem while connecting with our expert vets. Vet on call smoothly runs on all devices – mobile, desktop, laptops, etc.  

Step-by-Step Vet-on-Call Procedure  

  • Book your slot: To connect with our veterinarian, book a slot time according to your preference.   
  • Fill in the details: Mention all the information about your pet including breed, size, age, etc.   
  • Raise your query: In the description, you can ask about any general doubts or problems related to your pet. You can ask anything related to the health, nutrition, and behavior of your pet, or about pet wellness – vaccination, parasites or ticks, physical examination, minor injury.   
  • Receive a call from the Vet : Finally, our vet will provide their general advice and prescribe your pet’s medications or any further treatment, if required.   
  • You will also be followed up by our Petofy team to ensure your pet’s good health. As every pet’s well-being is our priority!  

Amount Charge 

The charges to book an online consultation with Petofy are not just effective but also efficient. The first call is free, post which is just INR 99 for a fifteen minutes slot.  

Payment Procedure 

You can pay with your card or online banking methods. In short, there are quick and safe transaction modes from Petofy’s Vet on Call service.  

First Call Free 

You may be confused, is it going to be worth it? Should I try getting a resolution from an online consultation that too for my pet? Pets cannot explain their issues via a call. Doctors need to analyze that from a physical examination.  
Firstly, you can find quick resolutions from an online appointment just like the one in offline mode. Secondly, if you still have some doubts then Petofy is here to help you. The first call for Vet on Call is free and helps you to understand in a better way about your pet and find it by yourself whether you find it easy and helpful or not,  

Manage Your Pet’s Health Record Online


The idea for a Veterinarian came with the upgradation of technology. There’s no doubt about that! Solutions and fingertips help pet parents to bond well with their pets. Petofy is here for pet and pet parents, to provide a one-stop solution and this is one of the most asked and resolved queries.  
This not just helps you to save time and cost but also helps your pet also.  

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q. What is the best time to call on VET ON CALL? 

Our veterinarians are available from 15:00 – 18:00 from Mon-Fri.  

Q. Can online consultation help my pet? 

Online consultation has several benefits, it saves the time and effort of visiting the vet for general doubts and issues. It takes a lot of effort to take your pet to the vet especially if they are a bit erratic. Vet on call allows hassle-free resolution to pet parents. 

Q. What are the common doubts or issues found related to pets?  

  • General health advice related to nutrition, feeding, and behavior. 
  • More about the breed  
  • Pet parenting tips 
  • Pet product information (usage and precautions) 
  • Care and grooming tips 

Q. I’m unsure whether a Vet on call will be helpful for my pet or not. 

To serve you better, Petofy allows pet parents to make the first call for FREE. So, if you are a new user to our website then you can take advantage of this “Vet on Call” service. Call ?6399-638-639 to speak with technical support who will help you to reach up to the Vet. 

Ask Vet Expert

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