Holiday Hazards Tips For Pets

Holiday time is a phase when all of us are thrilled and joyous and so do our pets. However, this is also the time when we have to be very careful about our pets since they are prone to accidents and get hurt or can be trapped in some serious mishap. Below are the some holiday hazards tips for your pets to keep them safe and secure.

Plants And Flowers 

Brown Dog Smelling Flower

Plants are a wonderful way to brighten up your home but they can cause some real danger and can be toxic to pets. Even non-toxic plants can cause some gastrointestinal issues to your pets if ingested in large quantities. Plants that are specifically dangerous to your pets are Chrysanthemums, Azaleas, Evergreens, Lily, Ivy, Juniper, etc. 

Though poinsettias are largely considered to be toxic to dogs and cats, ingestion may cause irritation to the mouth and stomach and can result in vomiting, but they are generally considered low in toxicity. 

Christmas Tree

A Cute Dog Wearing Christmas Hat and Sit Beside of A Christmas Tree

Trees and ornaments are beautiful during the holidays but can be a danger to your furry friend. Pets are generally curious about the ornaments hanging from the Christmas tree and are easily attracted to them. It is advisable to hang them above your pet’s reach so that the risk of them getting hurt by them is lessened. Wooden, metal, and durable ornaments can be hung on the lower branches of the tree. However, for your pet’s safety one must avoid placing any ornaments on the lower branches of the Christmas tree. 
Try to keep your Christmas tree secure by using a stable stand or table. You can tye the top or sides of the tree to a hook on the ceiling. If your pet chews on electrical cords then it can result in some serious injuries such as electrical shock and oral burns. 

Unbaked Bread Dough 

Unbaked Bread Dough

Raw dough is astonishingly appealing to pets, especially if it contains salt. Ingested yeast dough can swell up inside a pet’s digestive tract. It can cause blocking or rupturing internal organs and thereby causing seizures and respiratory failure. 

Toys And Batteries 

Toys And Batteries 

Never keep small toys and loose batteries on the floor, away from the reach of your pet. If a dog chews on a hard plastic toy, it can be at risk of breaking its teeth. Batteries, board game pieces, and some other small household items might contain some amount of zinc. It can cause pancreatitis and renal damage if swallowed by a pet. Beware of the batteries that could be in toys, cameras, watches, and remote controls. 


Do not consume Alcohol Sign

Alcohol can be poisonous to pets in numerous ways. In some case alcohol can also lead to a coma or death. Even seemingly harmless amounts of alcohol can be lethal. Always note that alcohol can be found in many baked goods, such as fruit cake, plum cake, and even walnut cake so keep these out of reach of your furry companions. 

Holiday Guests 

Male and Female Guest

The frequent ringing of the doorbells, increased activity. Visitors coming home during the holiday season can be stressful and upsetting to a pet’s routine. Pets should be kept away from doors leading to the outside and should be under control when visitors arrive and depart. To help them avoid unnecessary stress, consider restricting your pet to a relatively quiet room with access to hiding places until the guests are gone. Make sure that you put their food, water, and litter box in the same room too.  

Commonly Asked Questions on Pet Nutrition



Potpourri is often used around the house during festival time to put us in the holiday mood. The material in them and some additives are very irritating to the skin, mouth, and intestinal tract of the pet. If skin exposure is suspected, then bathing with a mild soap is recommended. Medical care may be needed to treat the irritation and pain that can follow exposure. Ingestion often results in signs that may include drooling, loss of appetite, vomiting, and even disorientation in some cases.

Final Words

We hope these holiday hazards tips would be helpful to keep your pets safe and and secure. Have a fun a enjoy unlimited with your pets safely.

-Dr. Swati Rawat
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