Hair Shedding in Dogs – Do’s & Don’ts

October 5, 2021

The dog sits everywhere in the home. You can find its hair around in the corner, in the living room, and on the bed. Sometimes you see the hair even on your clothes. From this, you often get late for work. Hair shedding in dogs is a natural process throughout the year. Though sometimes it’s frustrating but cannot be avoided. It is a vital part of having good and healthy skin and fur. Dogs rid themselves of old and damaged hair through this process. But it isn’t easy to deal with living swathed within a dog hair coat every day.

Hair Shedding in Dog

Reasons That Cause Hair Shedding in Dogs:

1. Skin infection may be bacterial or fungal.
2. Allergy from food, medication, or fleas.
3. Seasonal changes, especially in winters and summers.
4. Medical conditions like poor nutrition, pregnancy, postpartum stress, or lactation.

Image that showing Hair Shedding in Dog
Dog Hair Shedding

Tips That Help You to Minimize Hair Shedding in Dogs:

Brush Your Dog Daily

Owner brushing her dog to stop Hair Shedding

Regular, even daily, Brushing is the most effective way to keep your home hair-free. Brushing will also make your dog’s coat softer, cleaner, and less likely to fall in the hair. It would be best if you kept a small trash barrel nearby to dump that hair. It would be best to shampoo nearly once a week; his coat hall should be more diminutive.

The Right Diet

Owner offering meal to Dog

When your dog gets good nutrition, its hair follicles become more resilient. You may give it a portion of high-quality food with good digestible protein sources; it will reduce hair fall and also helps to get healthier skin. So, to overcome the hair fall problem you should give a more nutritious diet. The proper nutrients will also support healthy hair growth and prevent hair breakage and hair loss. From a nutritious diet, the age of your dog also increases.

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Regular Vacuuming

Owner Vacuuming Dog's hair

It would be best if you did a vacuum to clean the house of your dog’s hair. You had a vacuum more potent than regular ones, and therefore have ample suction power to lift the dog hair from virtually any surface. It should have attachments, like a motorized brush roller to clean the hair from the carpet.

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Husky Bathing And watching camera man

Bathe your dog twice a week in the summer. When they play outside in the mud or water, they catch many bacteria, which leads to excessive shedding. To reduce it, you should use shampoo in a week. It will reduce the fall in hair and clean the hair without drying the skin and rejuvenate a lackluster hair coat. Dog shedding is incredibly oppressive in the summertime.

Proper Hydration

Someone offering water from a water bottle to a thirsty dog

Your dog should remain hydrated. Otherwise, it would affect its health also. Make sure your dog always drinks fresh water. It’s essential to its overall health and can also keep its skin hydrated. The scarcity of water in the skin can aggravate shedding and hair loss. From the research, dogs should be drinking approximately 1 ounce of water per pound of body weight each day for healthy life and hair.

Use a Fog Hair Blower

Dog Groomer Using a Fog Hair Blower

A dog hair blower is something many professional groomers use during the day. Grooming routines involve bathing, blow-drying, and brushing. Primarily, if you use it after bathing and before brushing, it will save time because after blowing so much fur off the coat already.

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Consider a Natural Home Remedy

coconut oil

A method is to use supplements to reduce shedding. You can use ingredients that are, in most cases, readily available at your local supermarket or that are already in the pantry. It would help if you did not use a chew treat, capsule, or bottle of oil. There are many different ideas out there like coconut oil, olive oil, or fish oil. It can benefit dogs in various ways, either as a supplement or applied to the skin topically. The main benefit is its effect of naturally moisturizing the skin. It is also advisable to take the help of your vet in choosing the right type for your pet.

Things to Avoid as They May Increase Hair Shedding

• Never self-medicate your pet.
• Never use any antiseptic like Dettol or Savlon in their bathing water. Also, avoid harsh floor cleaners.
• Avoid milk, wheat products, or sweet products as a few ingredients may aggravate hair loss.
• Don’t use human soap or shampoos on your dog.

Follow the above tips and all the problems of your life will be solved. They can lead healthier and happier life.

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