How To Start Dog Training As A First-Time Pet Owner

Everyone feels overwhelmed when they bring a new puppy home. It is a big step that changes your life completely. There are many things that you do for your new furry friend. That includes shopping for its supplies, medicines, and toys. The foremost important thing and need is its training and socializing.
Engage your dog in an obedience training class to set up the right behaviors as early as possible because dogs learn more at that stage. You should start your dog training as early as possible. Many factors like convenience, distance and training method matter a lot. The personality and experience of the trainer too play a significant role in the whole process.

At first, it can be overwhelming, especially if it is your first dog. And yes, you can do it yourself as a beginner. If you follow the training step by step, you will find it very easy. In this blog, we will share the most important things that every pet parent should consider before starting their dog’s training.

Important things you should consider before starting pup training:

Home or Group Training For Dogs

There are plenty of advantages to both dog home training and dog group class training. In-home training is convenient for you as the dog trainers will come to your home and provide private classes. Home training allows your dog to focus more on you, while group class training teaches it to avoid distractions from other dogs.

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Choosing a dog training Instructor

Most dog training schools allow you to attend the classes to make you sure about the style of instruction. You can check in those demo classes that it fits with your beliefs or not. First-time pet parents should note the happiness level of their dogs, when dogs feel relaxed, and when show excitement. Pet owners can also check the trainer’s behavior toward them and their dogs. You can see through the safety level and efficiency of the class by talking to other pet parents and taking their reviews.

If you do not feel comfortable, it is not worth spending time and resources. Keep looking for a school where you feel comfortable as dogs learn well in a positive environment. Therefore, you and your dog will succeed best in the technique that gives you more satisfaction.

Difference between a Dog Trainer and a Dog Behaviorist

Dog trainers and behaviorists both are different in some ways. Behaviorists can be trainers and vice versa. Trainers can handle symptoms, but not the causes of the symptoms.
For instance, a trainer can teach a dog to be alone, which can help reduce separation anxiety, but the root cause needs to be determined by a behaviorist. In that case, a trainer proves not to be helpful.
Some trainers have certifications from training schools, so it is always prudent to check them or check references if your trainer is not certified.

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Types of Dog Training Classes

There are many types of dog classes available at different training schools. The trainers should help you determine which one is best for you and your dog.
Most schools have a series of puppy classes, starting from puppies as young as eight weeks to advanced obedience classes. Many schools also have sports classes that you can take after basic obedience training, including agility, rally, tricks, and Flyball.

Dog Training Equipment

All dog training schools tell you what equipment and supplies you should have before entering the first class.
Most schools ask you to bring your dog on a flat buckle or snap collar attached to a long regular snap-on leash. Moreover, if you have a big dog, they may ask you to use body harnesses. That gives better control and hold.

Puppy Socialization Training

A good training class does a lot more than only training your dog. They discuss important topics like dog behavior, socialization, and body language.

Socialization means training your pet to accept new people, animals, and places by exposing it to those. A socialized dog is less likely to develop behavior problems and is generally more welcomed and loved by others. It can also help prevent the development of fears and phobias.

Another overlooked thing is handling and grooming. If your instructor offers advice and you follow their recommendations, your veterinarian and groomer will be thankful as they will have no trouble examining, treating, bathing, or clipping him.

If you start at home, where your dog is comfortable, you can make the session more pleasant for everyone. Also, many groomers charge less for easy-to-handle dogs because they do not need the assistance of a second groomer.

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Important things to keep in mind while dog training:

Jumping on you is a gesture of affection and nipping at your hands is an invitation to play. These are common and perfectly acceptable behaviors for dogs. Understanding, detecting, and addressing behavior issues can help you control them at the right time. However, some behaviors are not appropriate in human society. If you want your pup to survive in the human world, you must first train it properly. It is easy to train a puppy than older dogs. But, they can also learn things with a little more effort.

Be consistent while dog training

If jumping on you is not acceptable when you are in your best clothes, then the same rule applies when you are in your old clothes. Proper training teaches your pup what is wrong but not when it is wrong. You have to show stability during the process to make your pet adapt and accept the variations. It will soon understand the difference between right and wrong.

Reward and Appreciate your dog

When your dog bites you for attention, remember that it was not born trained, so you have to take the responsibility of teaching it. Avoid scolding and ask it to sit calmly to increase its patience level. When your furry friend complies, reward it with its favorite thing. Training obedience with treats is helpful. Therefore, you must know that your dog is a food lover or attention seeker. It is easy to ignore a calm and quiet dog, but that is the most effective and crucial time when you should be praising it.  

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Obedience dog training

Obedience is essential for all dogs as they need mental and physical stimulation. Simple commands like sit, down, stay, come and leave are mandatory for a well-behaved pet. You can even go beyond by teaching your pet more advanced behaviors like formal heeling or rollover.

Finding a dog Trainer nearby

Many resources may help to find appropriate dog trainers. Friends and neighbors who own well-behaved dogs can tell you more than your expectations. When you are out for a walk and see another dog is walking nicely with its owner, you should stop and ask about the trainer or the training school. There are chances that you may find some training facility near you. To find dog trainers near you, you can use pet search engines like Petofy. On Petofy you can find the best training center near you. Just select the city where you want to take a service, and you will see the list of top dog trainers in your city.


Most people love their furry companions. However, every moment is not enjoyable when your dog is not well trained. Many techniques tell you the best ways to train your dog. But what is most comfortable for you and your buddy is the best method to follow. You should know what to use and which one to avoid.3

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