Dog Grooming Tips in Summer

October 5, 2020

Having your pet groomed and well looked after is extremely important in any season of the year, as any loving pet parent would know, particularly in warm summer months. Summer is the time when all dogs like to shed their heavy winter coats and replace it with a lighter summer coat.

Pampering your canine companion can make a difference between a pleasing sunny weather or a one where they are unhappy, and at danger of sunburn. It also helps to reduce the quantity of dog hair found in your homes.

Grooming helps your dog feel relaxed and contented. Grooming is a great way to increase your relationship and also relate with your dog. If done correctly and with care, your canine will enjoy the feel of having its skin and fur massaged and cleaned.

Here are some tips for grooming your dog properly in summer:

Brushing your dog

This should be done as frequently as possible during the hot weather conditions. It will get rid of any dead or malted hair, immediately making your dog to feel lighter and calmer. It takes away any debris and dust that your dog may have gathered in the garden or out on walks, which can often lead to allergies if allowed to sit in sweaty fur for too long. It gives you an opportunity to check for pests which like to breed during the warm conditions. Select a suitable brush or comb for your dog’s hair, it may be thick or fine, matted or smooth. This will help your dog to get used to the experience much more speedily and actually allow them to appreciate it.

Bathing your dog

Some dogs adore it, some loathe it, but giving a bath is necessary for keeping the skin and coat in good condition. Brushing your dog before giving them a bath could help you – as the fur will be much comfortable to wash if it is knot free. Ensure the water is moderate, then starting from the neck, work your way down the body and make sure to avoid the face and ears as much as you can. Use a delicate shampoo to really work your fingers into the coat. If done correctly you may never need to persuade your dog into the bath again! There is a huge variety of shampoos and conditioners to choose from, you can easily order from online, with lots of lovely fragrances that you both will enjoy

Cutting your dog’s hair

If your dog is especially furry with a dense coat that seems to grow wildly during the summer, a haircut might be required. Dog clippers are gentle on dog coats and are easy to use. If your dog is uncomfortable at being shaved, this might be the correct time to take them to a qualified groomer. They will know how to approach the situation and will calm the dog down. If your dog’s hair simply needs a trim around the ears, tail and tummy areas, you can do this by yourself with a pair of grooming scissors but be extremely careful around these sensitive areas so that you do not wound the skin. Once the coat has been trimmed, your dog will thank you for making its coat cooler and comfier, letting it enjoy in the summer heat.

Clipping your dog’s nails

While you are grooming your dog’s hair, it is also important to trim their nails. They can become sharp, taking a long time to shorten naturally, if it will at all. Choose a sturdy pair of nail clippers or scissors and trim them tenderly with utmost care. It is better to trim after giving your dog a bath as the nails will be a little softer. You may need somebody to help hold your dog still at this point, just to guarantee that you do not wound them with the scissors if they move unexpectedly.

Systematic grooming can really enrich the wellbeing and temperament of your dog, especially in the summer months where the heat can cause extreme uneasiness and discomfort.

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-Rashmi Kaushik
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