Dog Fun Facts You Would Like To Know

In our last post, we shared some Cat Fun Facts with you. This time we wanted to share with you some cool Dog Fun Facts to help you understand our best friends better.

Fact No. 1
Dogs Have A Great Perception Of Time

Dog Fact - They Have Great Perception of Mind

Dogs understand time really well. They stick to a routine without much hassle and know when it’s time for food and when it’s time for their daily walk. In fact, they also understand when it’s been too long since you’ve gone. That is why you will see a slightly different reaction from them depending on the time that you will be meeting them after.

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Fact No. 2
Dogs Can Smell A Human’s Feelings

Dog Fact - Dogs can smell a human’s feelings

They can notice changes in your scent which can be due to the range of emotions that we feel. We sweat when we are angry or afraid and the dog can smell your perspiration and know your emotions and feelings.

Fact No. 3
Dogs Can Hear Sound From A Longer Distance Than Humans

Dog Fact - Dogs can hear sound from a longer distance than humans

Actually, it’s almost 4 times farther than what humans can hear and also at a higher frequency range. It’s rumored that there is a whistle piece in the Beatles song, “A Day in the Life,” which is an ultrasonic whistle, audible only to dogs.

Fact No. 4
Dogs Dream When They Sleep

Dog Fact - Dogs dream when they sleep

Just like us humans, our best friends too dream while sleeping. In fact, they follow a similar sleep cycle like humans. When you see any slight movements when your dog sleeps, understand that they are dreaming at that time.

Fact No. 5
Dogs Can See Better Than Humans In The Dark

Dog Fact - Dogs can see better than humans in the dark

Tapetum Lucidum is a special membrane in dogs’ eyes that helps them see better in darkness or low light. Actually, their whiskers also help them in this. Their whiskers can pick up subtle changes in the air pressure and environment around them and gives them a better perception of how things are placed around them.

Fact No. 6
A Dog’s Nose Has Multiple Functions

Dog Fact - A Dog’s nose has multiple functions

As opposed to us humans, if a dog’s nose is wet or slightly running, there is nothing wrong with them. Normally it’s the other way around, if it’s too dry, then chances are they might not be feeling well. One reason why a dog’s nose is wet is that they have sweat glands over there and it might be sweat. Another reason is that their nose secretes a thin layer of mucous which helps absorb scent. When the dog licks their nose, they pick up the scent.

Fact No. 7
Dogs Can See In Multiple Colors

Dog Fact - Dogs can see in multiple colors

In fact, it is believed that dogs see in blue, greenish-yellow, yellow, and grey.

Fact No. 8
Dogs Curl Up To Sleep For A Reason

Dog Fact - Dogs curl up to sleep for a reason

It’s by instinct that has been carried forward over the years. Their ancestors in the wild wanted to protect their vital organs from predators and also keep themselves warm. And we humans thought dogs curl up to look cute.

Fact No. 9
Dogs Have Scent Glands On Their Paw Pads

Dog Fact - Dogs have scent glands on their paw pads

Dogs have scent and sweat glands on their body in places where they don’t have any fur. That explains why they don’t have sweaty underarms like us. Well, they have sweat glands on their paws and that is the reason why they kick the dirt when they do their business outside. It’s to mark their territory and leave their scent.

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Fact No. 10
Dogs Feel Jealousy And Possessiveness

Dog Fact - Dogs feel jealousy and possessiveness

We all know very well that dogs are very protective towards their owners and there have been many stories of dogs protecting their owners from grave or life-threatening dangers. But, research shows that dogs have a range of feelings too. They feel jealous when their owners show affection towards another animal or sometimes another thing. Also, some small breeds are known to be very possessive towards their owners.

Final Words

Hope you found the above dog fun facts exciting. Please do share any other fun facts about your dog that you might know of, your personal experiences, or your questions with us in the comments section below. Or you could just drop a comment with the number of facts that you already knew out of the above facts.

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