Digital Technology in Veterinary Practice

August 16, 2021

Digital Technology is overpowering the world, and its use is not limited to any particular individual or industry anymore. With the help of modern devices and easy internet accessibility, everyone is lending services to the consumer digitally.
Digital technology has permeated the animal healthcare industry also. This technique is connecting animal owners and veterinarians through portable medical equipment providing mobile clinics and telemedicine. Here is how people and service providers benefit from adopting the technology in veterinary practice.

Managed Data in Veterinary Practice

Veterinary clinics now maintain electronic health and medical records of their patients. The history, illness, prescription, treatment, reports, and vaccination chart of every patient is maintained. A new document will be updated automatically in the respective file as soon as it enters the system.

Record keeping in a sophisticated manner is a must. Therefore, the staff does not have to maintain physical records and piles of files. Every minor detail about a pet is available on a digital platform. So, the clients and vets can access these 24/7 and from every corner of the world. No time wasted in the case of digital veterinary practices for search, fill, or delete data.

Online Appointment for Pet Parents

One of the most evident advantages of veterinary clinic management software is that pet parents can take online bookings and consultations. Pet will also carry on more comfortably in the home. That can manage you with the most proficient method to check for clinical signs, for example, heart rate, pulse, gum shading, and how to check for any symptom of illness.

Pet owners should always consult the vet before taking a pet to the clinic to save time and resources. Vets will advise if an online discussion is suitable. For instance, to check if an injury needs sewing, an irritated eye, skin infection or if the pet has diarrhea. The vet may advise that pet should get a check quickly – without online counsel – in case of any serious problem.

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App Version of Veterinary Software

The software can be accessed through an app on mobile, in which vets can get all relevant information about the pets. A username and password are given to every user to keep all details confidential and safe. You can also access your account through the website. Like other facilities such as banking and shopping, pet health is also just a click away now. Everything regarding pets is under one website, making your life sorted and taking all your worries far off.

Petofy veterinary software OPHR
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No Misconceptions

Illegibility is a common issue associated with medical records and prescriptions. But the use of technology has done away with any confusion resulting from poor handwriting. Printed reports, medicine lists, and e-records are easily readable.

Unlimited Cloud Storage for Clinic Data

Technical storage is also safe from undecipherable issues, probably because of old paperwork and faded handwriting. Online records are legible regardless of the time span. Unlimited data and medical records can be stored as the software is cloud-based and can also be accessed on multiple devices.

Enhanced Veterinary Healthcare Services

Healthcare services in veterinary practice are improving, as following the pets’ medical history is considered throughout the treatment. That reduces the chance of missing out on any essential step in your protocol at the time of diagnosis. Veterinarians can offer better healthcare services and treatments as they have the complete detail of the patient.

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Effortless Pet Care Management

Our schedule is always busy in today’s competitive world. So, sometimes it is almost impossible to manage everything perfectly. OPHR has a unique task management feature where reminders of upcoming visits are automatically sent to clients. You can mark the dates of vaccinations, grooming, check-up, and other significant days for pets. With the help of this app, you can release your tension and relax because there is someone for whom your furry friend is equally important.

Pet Parents Communication and Feedback

Digital chat tools like email and chat-box allow pet parents to communicate with the vets and the clinic staff at any time of the day. A chatbot is responsive 24*7 that offers vivid communication between the clients and the medical operator.
Anonymous feedback and survey tools enable clients to express their concerns and suggest improvements without any hesitation. When vets know the expectations of their customers, they can work accordingly and provide better services.

Streamlining Veterinary Practice

Managing and organizing the paperwork is monotonous and a time-consuming task. Errors, damages, and misplacing of documents are common problems in physical handling. Software management makes it possible to store everything in one place in Veterinary practice. Each pet is assigned a unique id and accordingly, their billing, patient records, vaccination schedules, past treatments, and reports are organized. It saves a lot of time and makes work convenient.

It will automatically improve the efficiency of the clinic staff as they can focus on more productive work. They can involve in more stimulating activities which would give greater satisfaction to the clients. Another thing that creates an obstacle to productivity is the duplication of files. That could happen when data systems are not cohesive and integrated. This technique ensures that all the data is seamlessly collected. Our solutions consolidate the data in one place, eliminating gaps and work repetition.

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-Dr. Swati Rawat
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