Did You Know These 7 Cat Fun Facts?

7 Cat Fun Facts You Would Like To Know

Cats are many different things to different people. But if you are a “Cat Person” then I’m sure cats are our irresistible, adorable, cute little things for you. If you are like me, you would always want to know more about their personality and behavior. Well, below are some cool cat fun facts that you will find interesting.

Cats Can’t Taste Sweetness

One of the best cat fun facts that I found intriguing is that cats can’t taste sweetness. We’re talking about sweet food here. I guess they can always sense the sweetness in you but they will hardly show it. Jokes apart, an extensive study on this topic shows that cats lack sweet taste receptors. I wonder why my cat always comes to me whenever I’m having chocolate. I guess it’s attracted to the smell.

Cats sleep almost 70% of their lives

Well, I guess I somewhat knew this cat fun fact but I never knew that cats sleep for almost 70% of their lives. That must be true as I see my cat sleeping most of the time. But their version of sleep is different from the human version of sleep as they have different sleep cycles.

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Cats use their whiskers to judge whether they’ll fit through a gap

Cats’ whiskers are like radar as their whiskers have lots of nerves and blood vessels. It helps a cat navigate around objects in the dark and also judge distances. They understand that they can pass through a gap if their whiskers can pass through easily. This can be true for most normal-weighted cats.

Cats have scent glands all over their body

Having scented glands on their paw pads, cheeks, head, tail, and a few more places helps cats a lot. Actually, cats like to mark their territory with their scent and these scent glands all over their body help them to do just that. I used to think my cat likes to massage me every morning, but now I know that it was just marking me as her territory first thing in the morning.

Owning a cat can cut stroke risk by a third

Another cool cat fun fact, scientists have done a lot of research on this and it shows that cats help reduce stress and anxiety. This helps lower blood pressure and heart rate to protect against heart disease. Cat Therapy is quite common across the world.

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Your cat recognizes your voice

Hard to believe it. Me too sometimes. I’ve had many occasions when I don’t get any reaction from my cat when I’m calling out to her. But there are those times when I have her favorite food and I’m calling out to her and she’s there in no time. I used to think that it’s the smell of the food that gets her here but after reading the research on the topic I’m happy that even though it’s only sometimes but my cat does react to my voice.

Cats can solve difficult cognitive problems – when they are in the mood.

Cats can seem disinterested in everything that you do, well mostly, but there are those times when it’s in the mood to play with you. At those times, give it a puzzle or a game where it has to use its memory or cognitive skill and you will be amazed at the results.

Final words

Hope you found the above cat fun facts exciting. Please do share any other facts that you might know of, your personal experiences, or your questions with us in the comments section below. Or you could just drop a comment with the number of facts that you already knew out of the above facts.

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Wish you a great day ahead and lots of love for the lovely pets everywhere.

-Samiksha Michael
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