Creating A Cat-Friendly Home

September 14, 2021

Your cat spends most of the time in your home, so make sure it feels safe and happy all the time. However, some domesticated face depression, anxiety, and fear in their own home for unknown reasons. Maintaining physical well-being and taking care of the mental health of your cat is equally mandatory. The surroundings play a vital role in this. A dull environment can make them lazy and ill. You should provide them with a safe, comfortable, and happy space. Here is how you can do that:

Create Vertical Space

Cat-Friendly Home

One of the essential parts of creating a cat-friendly home is making a vertical space for them. It encourages exercise also, which is somewhere missing in the routine of indoor cats. They are many excellent ideas from which you can create vertical space for your cat, and they love to spend their time with window perches, Cat trees, and Wall-mounted shelves.

Give Your Cat a Cocoon, Not a Hideaway

Cat-Friendly Home

Every cat-friendly home needs a place where your cat can hide easily and snuggle up. Cats love to own a little bed with no disturbance. You should provide them with a spot with a comfy bed and blanket. The cats can use the cozy place as a hideaway or build confidence when scared or when they need time for themselves.


Cats Are More Interested in Looking Out of The Windows

Cat-Friendly Home

Create a look-up point for the cat where he can easily see outside through the window. They love to see birds and people. They like to sunbathe when there is winter. They always prefer a window where they can sleep. Beware, if you live on the top floor, keep the balcony doors shut.

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Make an Intelligent Material Choice

Cat-Friendly Home

Should have wooden floors instead of carpet, which can trap dirt, fur, and dander. Part of making good choices is about acknowledging what could be confusing for cat behavior. Never leave devices like washing machines or dishwashers open and check that your kitten is not hiding inside. A cat parent has to be alert about the choice of plants also. Numerous houseplants are poisonous to cats. A few common ones to be avoided are Aloe Vera, Lilies, Chrysanthemum, Crassula, Monstera Deliciosa, Hydrangea, Tomato Plant, and others. Keep all kinds of disinfectants and cleaning detergents away from the reach of your cat. They can be poisonous if ingested, so go for a pet-friendly floor cleaner.

All Items Should be Store in The Same Place

Always store nail trimmers, brushes, catnip spray, food, medication in a box in the particular closet. So it is easy to find that material when in need. Put all electric gadgets away from them. Keep all wires tucked away as chewing on any wit can be extremely dangerous.

Water Bowl

Cats are timid and picky animals when it comes to drinking water. The bowl should not be near the entrance gate or any active part of the room. If you have more than one cat, you should keep the different bowls in different places because they can fight. Keep their food and water bowl away from each other. One way to make sure your cat is not dehydrated is by keeping multiple bowls of water throughout the house and cleaning these bowls regularly. You must change the water every day.

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Litter Tray

Cat-Friendly Home

The placement of the litter tray is so essential for a cat-friendly home. The size of the litterbox should be appropriate for the cat. Your cat toilet should offer privacy with very little traffic. A cat can feel vulnerable when doing its business. Otherwise, the cat should avoid the litterbox. Place the litterbox and the food bowl differently. Always keep it clean and tidy.

Good Habits

The food that humans eat regularly is that food is very toxic to your cat. To have a cat-friendly home, you need to keep these foods out of their reach. It would help if you hid the chocolate, alcohol, and many things from your cat because it is very harmful. They need their type of healthy diet. Apart from giving them nutritious food, they need to be served in the correct bowl also. Do not opt for Plastic bowls. The odor can be off-putting for your cat. Choose ceramic, glass, or steel bowls. If your cat has a flat face, get a more shallow bowl for them.

Practice Acceptance

Pets are kind of like roommates, and there are things you have to accept going into that living situation relationship. for example, if you have a white cat, then his hair should be seen on any black bedsheet or any black couch. So you should make a routine that you should vacuum anywhere in the room. if your cat loves to sit on the table or any self, you should avoid putting things there to protect it from a breakdown.

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Keep Them Entertained

Have you ever noticed a cat climbing trees or scratching its bark? Outdoor experiences are great to stimulate a cat’s instincts and keep anxiety and depression at bay. While indoors, you can get them cat shelves, scratching posts, and cat trees to avoid lethargy and encourage exercise. On the other hand, Cats do not like to be surprised. Even if you are playing with them, do not make any sudden noises or moves that will scare them. These sudden moves can lead to problems relating to anxiety. That is not a good sign, especially if most of the time they are with you.

While you must keep them active, you also need to eliminate the chance of unfortunate accidents. Do a thorough risk assessment of the house to remove potential dangers. To conclude, remember that cats are naturally independent and like to keep to themselves. You need to give your cat their space and let them learn to love you in their own time. And you will have an unparalleled bond with them forever.

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