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August 26, 2022

Choosing cat bowls is a considerate task as unlike dogs, cats are different and have many moods. Cats might simply not like the bowl and avoid eating from it or sometime the bowl might be problematic for them. There are several key factors to keep in mind while deciding on which bowl to get for your cat. 

Now the most important question is why we are specifically focusing on cat bowls for feeding. The answer to it is the design and structure of the bowl which make eating or swallowing food quite easy for cats.  

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Why is the Cat Bowl design so important? 

The shape of the Cat bowl helps the cat to find comfort while eating. For example, If the bowl is deep and the cat has to stretch its neck while eating it makes it difficult for them to swallow. Make sure the utensil is not too deep and your cat does not struggle while eating. There are different varieties of cat bowls available in the Indian market fulfilling the different needs of pets according to their breed or medical condition.  

Essential factors to keep in mind while choosing an ideal cat bowl 

  • One of the most important things to keep in mind is maintaining hygiene, as pets cannot take care of themselves. It is essential to change and clean the bowl after every meal and the same for water bowls. As unhygienic bowls allow bacteria and other germs.  
  • Consider your cat’s needs – analyze what your pet requires. Sometimes due to some medical condition or general physic, your cat’s requirements are different. And sometimes they may simply reject the bowl by choice.  
  • Elevated bowls are in popular demand because of their wideness as well as height presented by them making it easier for cats to enjoy their meal.  
  • Plastic cat bowls should always be avoided as they are an open house to germs and cause scratches too.  
  • Once you have finalized which bowl, you are about to get your pet to decide on a definitive place for it too. If you have kids at home or space issues, be careful where you decide to keep it. Do not keep it where other parasites can easily contaminate it.  

Types of Cat Bowls  

There is not much thought reflected on the diet as well as utensils on which food to be given to cats in India. People use an old utensil or any not-so-useful plastic bowl or plate to give food to animals. Vice versa, choosing a bowl for pets or animals matters a lot as poor-quality material can impact the health of your beloved furry companion.  

Stainless Steel Bowls For Cat Feeding 

The ultimate winner in between several types of cat bowls – Stainless steel is an absolute favorite by veterinarians and pet lovers! Steel is safe, unbreakable, and harmless to cats. It is germ resistant and very convenient to clean and maintain. All you have to keep in mind while getting one for your cat is to go for excellent quality steel (lead glaze-free).  

Stainless steel cat feed bowls
Stainless steel cat feed bowls

Ceramic Bowls For Cats

A more aesthetic-minded person would like to go for ceramic bowls as it adds up to your space with vibrant colors and an attractive appearance. Ceramic bowls are available in many options, ranging in varied sizes and depths. One additional benefit of ceramic bowls is the wideness which helps to prevent whisker fatigue.  

An important to keep in mind is that ceramic bowls look exquisite but break easily and cracks are quite common. If kept avoided over time it also produces bacteria. 

Ceramic cat bowls
Ceramic cat feed bowls

Glass Bowls For Feeding Your Cat

Opting for a glass bowl for your cat is an ideal choice as glass is nontoxic as well as non-porous eliminating risks such as feline acne or scratches unlike with plastic bowls. We would recommend using a mat or base plate along with a glass bowl for safety or to avoid dripping droplets. 

Glass cat feed bowls
Glass bowls for cat feed
Choose The Best Cat Feed Bowl

Silicone Bowls For Cat Feeding

If you are a conscious individual then glass bowls aren’t recommended (especially if you have kids) you might consider picking silicone bowls. It also you to carry them anywhere as they are lightweight and foldable – must have if you are planning to take out your pet for a getaway (simple to pack). 

Silicone cat bowls for feeding cat
Silicone bowls

 Plastic Bowls For Cat Feeding

Commonly being less expensive, plastic bowls are seen commonly as pet’s water or food bowls however in reality plastic should not be used as your pet’s bowl. The plastic bowl’s quality, as well as composition, is unhealthy for animals. Many cats are allergic to plastic and may develop a skin condition causing black acne (Feline acne) on the chin which initially looks common but might drastically cause damage to your cat’s skin.  

Plastic has tiny fissures – when a cat tries to drink or eat results in causing scratches. Another red flag with plastic bowls is germs breed rapidly over time on plastic which causes infections.  

 Plastic bowls for cat feeding
 Plastic bowls for cats

Automatic Cat Feeders 

An automatic cat feeder acts as a savior for those who are unavailable on regular basis or throughout the day. If you are out during the day, all you must do is set the quantity and the scheduled meals are ready for your pet.  

Automatic cat feeder machine
Automatic cat feeder

Our definitive winner among all the cat bowls is a good quality stainless steel bowl. Safe, hygienic, and harmless – this is our ultimate pick for your feline companion. Cats are mischievous and mysterious in their own way. If you find any uncommon trait or activity about your cat’s food habit share the same with us. Knowing something new can be beneficial to many! 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

1. Why does my cat dip a paw in the water bowl? 

Several reasons make cats dip in water bowls such as whisker fatigue, curiosity, stress, or merely they are just in a playful mood. Every cat has a different reason to dip a paw in the water bowl, you might have to be patient and simply observe your pet, or you can consult a veterinarian for better understanding. 

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2. What is Whisker Discomfort? 

Cats have whiskers around their face which have sensory organs for identifying the proximity of objects. Whiskers are sensory organs resulting in sensitive sensations in cats. If the food or water bowl is deep and narrow – it makes consuming it difficult for cats as it’s paining because of too many sensations in whiskers. Avoid these discomforts and pick wide and narrow bowls for your kitty.  

3. Why should cat bowls be elevated? 

Elevated bowls are becoming popular nowadays. The basic yet remarkable benefit of elevated bowls is the area and height provided from it by the design. Not only do these bowls help in overcoming the resistance of gravitational force but also make eating way easier for cats.  

4. Why does my cat try to bury their food bowl?  

Scratching is a common trait among cats as well as dogs. It signifies territorial ownership among animals. Cats do the same for marking their boundaries, when your cat is scratching, burring, or even covering their food or bowl it means they are being possessive of their food being their basic trait.  

Cats are quite obsessive about cleanliness and this could also be one of the reasons they try to cover their food.  

vet on call
Consult a veterinary doctor

5. What else I can use instead of cat bowls? 

To feed cats, your options aren’t only limited to bowls. You can use wide and narrow plates providing enough space to eat. Just keep in mind that whichever utensil you are using it shouldn’t stretch the cat’s neck and it doesn’t cause difficulty to them.  

6. How can I make the interaction of food interesting for my cat? 

Cats are lively and notorious, every day simply providing them meals in bowls can be boring. You can try using a food puzzle and make the simple process fun for cats.  

8. What else I can use instead of cat bowls? 

To feed cats, your options aren’t only limited to bowls. You can use wide and narrow plates providing enough space to eat. Just keep in mind that whichever utensil you are using shouldn’t stretch the cat’s neck and it doesn’t cause difficulty to them.  

9. How can I make the interaction of food interesting for my cat? 

Cats are lively and notorious, everyday presenting meal in a bowl can be quite monotonous. You can try food puzzles and make the simple process fun for cats. This engaging activity keeps an interesting bond between pet owner and pet.  

And now we are at the end of this blog and if you have any questions regarding this blog you can ask below in the comment section, and try to share this blog with your friends who have cats and kittens in their homes and help them to choose the best cat food bowls ever.


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