Benefits and importance of pet insurance

Dogs are the oldest animal companion humans have had since the evolution of mankind.

Pets hold an important part in our lives hence it’s important to keep them safe and sound. Hence, the idea of pet insurance originated.

Why is pet insurance important?

Like many of us who have health insurance, now we can have the similar thing for our pets. With the changing times even dogs are prone to peculiar health problems which didn’t existed before. So, it’s imperative to save some amount of money during these difficult times and use it as and when the need arises.

Many times, dogs contract some illness or disease during later years of their lives and it goes untreated and when detected is a cause of worry.

For a pet owner, it’s a nightmare to see your beloved pet is very ill. Treatment is an option, but it can cost thousands of rupees that you might not have at that moment. Sometimes pets suffer from conditions which require long term care and treatment.

That’s when the importance of Pet Health Insurance arises.

Benefits of Pet insurance:

  • Pet insurance saves you money
  • It allows you to focus on pet’s health
  • It allows you to pick a vet as per your insurance cover
  • It keeps you from exhausting your savings.


Key Takeaways for pet insurance:

To keep you covered under unprecedented circumstances, there is some good dog insurance plan that keeps you covered. The policy starts from as minimum as Rs. 315 per annum (small dog, of 3 months up to 2 years of age).

Usually, the Pet health Insurance has a pet dog insurance policy that covers pet dogs over their lifetime from the age of 3 months to 10 years. It claims that medical tests are not mandatory even at higher ages. This dog insurance covers treatment of any kind of injury/surgery or mortality caused from any accident from the moment of policy issuance, without any waiting period.

Some Insurance companies also cover death due to diseases and accident for pets including dogs, cats, horse and other livestock. However, diseases such as rabies and distemper are specifically excluded.

Apart from this, treatment of any injury, surgery, hospitalization or mortality resulting from any accident is covered from the moment of policy issuance, without any waiting period.

  • Pet health insurance is quite similar to the health insurance for humans, and provides insurance to different breeds of dog including Indian breed.
  • If the dog is microchipped and vaccinated, buying an insurance policy becomes easy.
  • Veterinary care can be expensive, running into thousands of rupees in case of a serious accident or illness, opting for an insurance plan can reduce the burden of out-of-pocket expenditure.
Pet Health Insurance Covers

What Pet Health Insurance Covers?

Similar to human health insurance, pet health insurance offers several different types of coverage, each with its own list of coverage options and costs. However, the names used to vary by insurer; the three most common types of coverage are listed below:

Surgery Expenses Cover

As the name implies, this type of coverage typically covers the surgical expenses including pre- surgical and a post-surgical expenditure. All the diagnostic and medical costs occurred during the course of treatment, covered under this plan.

Accidental Cover

This coverage takes care of accidental injuries, such as fractured limbs, poisoning or ingestion of a foreign object, being hit by a car, cuts, and other physical injuries. Accidental coverage is often preferred by the owners of older pets that have aged out of comprehensive coverage.


Hospitalization Cover

This type of coverage is the most comprehensive and pays for veterinary treatment for injuries, illness, disease, and typically any changes to your pet’s normal condition. Depending on what the insurer offers, pet owners prefer this coverage plan along with surgery expenses cover.

Beside these accident and illness covers, there are third party liability coverage plan, theft /loss and straying of pet cover and other covers.

Reimbursement Model

It’s also important to know that pet insurance is generally designed to reimburse you after you have cleared all bills for veterinary services. The most common reimbursement amount is 80%. But some pet insurance providers offering a 90% reimbursement amount.

What Pet Health Insurance Costs?

The premium you pay for pet health insurance coverage depends on number of factors such as: the animal’s age, health profile, breed and the type of coverage you choose. Other cost factors associated with pet health insurance similar to human health insurance includes annual premiums, deductibles and annual, lifetime, or incident caps.

Our little furry friend means a world to us and no amount of time will ever repair the wound/damage the loss of a pet does to an owner. Hence, it is important to take care of their health and have a health insurance so that we can keep them safe and get a proper treatment for them, when the need arises. After all, they are like our babies and it is our moral duty to take care of them and keep them protected under all circumstances.


-Dr. Swati Rawat
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