11 Basic Dog Training Commands For Your Pet

February 15, 2022

We love our dogs so much and want them disciplined that we are willing to spend money on their grooming, vet check-ups, food, and everything else to keep them happy and healthy. Moreover, pet owners need to train their dogs and teach them basic dog commands properly. Training a dog creates mental stimulation, discipline, and obedience. It aids in making them more active and well-behaved. It is the best way to strengthen your relationship with your pet.

Proper training can set them up for a lifetime of happiness, love, and safety. Dog commands like sit, down, and stay not only help your pet behave at home but can help them be good canine citizens outside of the home.

There are various facts about dog training that you need to understand. Here are some of the essential dog commands you can teach to your pet. Practice all of them with it two to three times a day for 10-15 minutes at a time. It takes a few weeks for a dog to catch on, but it is for a lifetime.

These Are The 11 Basic Dog Commands That You Can Teach at Home

1. Name Recognition command

Lady Dog Trainer Teaching Name Recognition Command To German Shepherd Dog

Purpose: To address your pet.

Description: Before starting the training, teach your pet to recognize its name. That should be the very first step. It is easier to train your pup if you call out its name and your puppy recognizes that well. If it stares at you on being called upon, that means it has got well. Reward when they get it right.

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2. Leave It or No command

Lady Dog Trainer Teaching Leave it Command To German Shepherd Dog

Purpose: To tell it not to grab or leave something they are about to ingest.

Description: It is not healthy for a dog to eat anything. That is the reason why a ‘No’ or ‘Leave It’ command is helpful.

Hold treats in both hands. Gradually move the first hand or treat to trigger them to lick or sniff at the treat, then say leave it. When it tries to grab the first treat from your hand, take that away. On the other hand, when it loses interest in the first treat, offer it the second one. That shows the achievement of the desired behavior by your pup. Practice regularly until your dog masters it.

The versatile command NO will keep your pet out of trouble. You can use this command whenever your pup gets into any mischief.

To teach the command, you can have your doggy on a leash and place an edible thing on the floor. Take it towards the treat and when it goes to sniff that, say “no” and slightly pull the leash towards you and repeat the process frequently.

3. Come & Go command

Lady Dog Trainer Teaching come and go Command To German Shepherd Dog

Purpose: To call it back to you, keeping your pup out of trouble.

Description: Put a collar and leash on. Pull the leash in your direction from a distance and say ‘come’. As it starts moving and comes towards you, praise or give it a treat with affection. Repeat this for several days until it learns the command and be patient.

It should be one of the first commands you teach your pet for safety. It can save its life when it runs off or gets into an unsafe area.

4. Watch Me or Look command

Lady Dog Trainer Teaching Watch me Command To German Shepherd Dog

Purpose: To guarantee that your pup focuses on you.

Description: Offer a treat in your closed hand. Move your hand close to its nose and face. Once you establish eye contact with its full attention, say the command. Reward it with a treat. This direction will come in handy when you bring your pup to a busy area. As you get to know it more, you will know when to use this command — some dogs need it when cars pass by, squirrels run in front of them, etc.

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5. Down command

Lady Dog Trainer Teaching Down Command To German Shepherd Dog

Purpose: To calm down an excited or mischievous pet.

Description: This is a little challenging. First, offer a treat to your pet. Hold that in a closed fist and gently move towards its nose and face. While sniffing, let it follow you by gradually moving your hand to the floor. Keep sliding your hand along the floor until your pet attains a lying position, then give the down command. Praise it for good behavior. Repeat multiple times. This command is tricky to teach but good for your pet to know. Not only does it look cute, but it is useful when your puppy gets a little too excited.

6. Shake command

Lady Dog Trainer Teaching "Hi-Five To Dog

Shake is fun to teach your furry friend. It does not have much practical utility, but it is a fun command to teach and have a good time with.

To teach “shake,” make your pup sit. Then, pick up its paw while saying “shake” and give it something to eat. Hold it for a few seconds, say “shake” again and give it more to eat.

7. Take It and Drop It command

Lady Dog Trainer Teaching Take it and drop it Command To German Shepherd Dog

Purpose: To train your pet to take or drop the object.

Description: Take and drop are essential commands, especially for young pups. Drop it helps prevent your pet from hurting themselves and your valuables.

To execute this command, you need two identical objects. Start by giving the ‘take it’ command when your puppy opens its mouth and is willing to grab or catch the object. Give it some time to play with the first object and gradually introduce it to the second one. Create an impression that both provide the same value, which will trigger it to move toward the second object and grab it. When your pup drops the first one, give the ‘drop it’ command and say the ‘take it’ command when it catches or grabs the second object. Practice this activity until your puppy gets expertise. That can be a novelty trick but also useful command at times.

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8. Sit-Stay command

Lady Dog Trainer Teaching Sit-stay Command To German Shepherd Dog

Purpose: To calm down and keep your pet self-controlled.

Description: This is a combination of two commands: sit and stay. Train your pup with the sit command first by offering it a treat. Hold the treat close to its nose then, gradually move your hand up, so it will also move its head and follow your direction. When it assumes the natural sitting position, give the sit command. Praise it and repeat.

Whilst your puppy has learned the ‘sit’ command, teach it the ‘stay’ command. When it is in a natural sitting position, give the ‘stay’ command with an open palm on its face. Continue by gradually moving away from it, then say the ‘stay’ command. Appreciate it for doing a great job. Repeat for perfection.

For the safety of your pet and others, “stay” needs to be taught at an early age.

9. Stand command

Lady Dog Trainer Teaching Stand Command To German Shepherd Dog

Purpose: To make it in a standing position while brushing or being examined by the veterinarian.

Description: Make it sit and take its favorite food toward its nose. Move your hand forward until it assumes a standing position. Say the ‘stand’ command and reward it with praise. Practice it regularly.

10. Wait command

Lady Dog Trainer Teaching Wait Command To German Shepherd Dog

Purpose: To train your pup to be stable or not to move.

Description: Wait is appropriate when people enter your home. No matter how well-behaved your pup is, they will most likely get excited when someone enters your house, but they must not barrel into you or your guests.

To teach “wait,” it is best to have two people train your pup. Have one go outside the door to your house and the other stay inside with the puppy. The person outside should open the door. When your pet starts moving toward him, the person inside should say “wait” as the person standing outside closes the door.

Repeat this multiple times and reward it when they do not move toward the door.

11. Heel command

Dog trainer teaching heel command to German shepherd

Purpose: To teach the pet to be well-behaved.

Description: Proper walking habits develop when the dog is young. Start by holding the leash with your right hand and let your pup stay on your left side. Carry a treat in your left hand and keep instructing it to sit. Give the ‘heel’ command and start walking again. You can use this command daily with your puppy. Praise your dog.

Final Thoughts

We always want to have an extraordinary relationship with our canines everywhere and every time. Teach your furry friend these basic commands to solve behavioral problems and ensure a healthy and happy life for them and yourself.

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