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February 24, 2023

Over the years, there has been quite an awakening when it comes to adopting animals. People are becoming more and more aware of boycotting the practice of buying and selling animals. Instead, the idea of adopting pets is becoming trendy. The whole credit goes to Animal NGO – the Non-government organizations that are constantly working for the benefit of strays and pet animals.  

Each day NGOs encounter several cases of animal abuse or abandonment.  In India, there are several organizations that work 24*7 for the welfare of animals. In recent years, due to the popularity of social media, there has been a significant increase when It comes to raising funds and seeking justice.  

Functions of NGOs: 

The Animal Welfare Board of India, a statutory advisory body on Animal Welfare Laws, exists in India and works to advance animal care. Section 4 of the 1960 Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, was created in 1962. The founding of this organization was overseen by the late Smt. Rukmini Devi Arundale. 

A few functions of NGOs are: 

  • To maintain the Indian law prohibiting animal cruelty in force and provide guidance to the Central Government regarding the creation of regulations under the Act. 
  • To promote animal welfare through books, posters, short films, etc., and to spread knowledge about the humane treatment of animals while encouraging the development of public opinion against the imposition of needless pain or suffering on animals. 
  • Cooperate with organizations or bodies set up to protect animals and birds, and organize their efforts. 

Importance of NGOs 

Animal welfare NGOs provide care for sick and hurt animals. They also run numerous campaigns and projects to neuter animals, vaccinate them, give them access to various medical services, and hold adoption drives. Pet NGOs also aggressively educate the public about the value of animal welfare and hold charity events and fundraisers to pay for their costs. 

There are millions of stray & abandoned animals found all over India that require care and help. Through animal non-profit organizations these animals can be saved and get access to a much better life. Also, people from time to time look for organizations where they can share resources for animals. Easy access to NGOs can assure that help is provided to the right hands and animals will be benefited from them.  

Adobe for the helpless 

NGOs are an absolute savior for animals who met with an accident or the ones who get ill. Strays are specifically left unnoticed and sometimes face severe consequences that can also lead to death. Though these organizations are not government funded but with better outreach and digital media they get enough funds raised for the helpless animals to get covered.  

Home for the abandons  

Several pet owners leave their pets at faraway places from home due to any reason. The reason can vary from not being able to look after. Or the pet gets unwell and it’s hard to upkeep. There are innumerable reasons listed but the outcome is one. Pet gets homeless! NGOs help these abandoned pets and treat them with love and care until these animals are ready to find a new home.  

City wise List of NGOs working for Animal Welfare in India 

Charlie’s Animal Rescue Centre Bengaluru 

The Charlies Animal Rescue Centre (CARE) was founded in Bangalore in January 2013 with the mission of promptly giving medical care to sick and injured animals living on the streets of the city with the intention of giving all animals, regardless of ownership status, access to veterinary care that can save their lives on par with private veterinary facilities. 

It’s a highly equipped veterinary trauma treatment unit, animal ambulance services, and a rescue helpline all provided by CARE.  

You can check more at  

Charlie's Animal Rescue Centre Bengaluru 

Utkarsh Animal Welfare Movement- Mumbai 

One of the main initiatives of the non-profit Utkarsh Global Foundation, which works to improve society through a variety of causes, is the Utkarsh Animal Welfare Movement. Since 2010, the Foundation has also been actively involved in a number of other movements. 

The Utkarsh Animal Welfare Movement works to ensure the welfare of all animals, including birds, reptiles, and even strays and abandoned domestic animals. It works to ensure animal protection through care, rescue, rehabilitation, information and education, legal awareness, and public participation. In Mumbai, the Utkarsh Global Foundation has established a free hospital for the care and treatment of stray animals. The hospital was founded in November 2006 and handles instances of accidents as well as common and serious illnesses. More than 4000 animals receive OPD, IPD, and on-the-spot ambulance care each month at the hospital. 

You can check more at  

Utkarsh Animal Welfare Movement- Mumbai 

Niti Jeev Ashray Welfare- Delhi 

A registered non-profit organization since April 2020. Niti Jeev Ashray’s welfare works for strays, abandon as well as injured animals. The Charity actively assists in giving the rescued stray animals refuge and nourishing food to aid in their recovery. Also, it helps injured and abandoned dogs and cats for rescue. Also, the lost or abandoned animals are reunited with their owners or found new homes. 

You can check more at  

Niti Jeev Ashray welfare- Delhi 

RESQ Charitable Trust- Pune 

In order to help animals in need, RESQ was established in 2007. Since then, the organization’s efforts in animal rescue and rehabilitation have helped thousands of animals from more than 200 species, enhanced public health and safety, and actively fought to reduce human-animal conflict in both urban and rural habitats. 

RESQ’s vision believes in a world in which people and animals live in harmony in the places they both call home. With the goal, to decrease animal suffering, and human-animal conflict, enhancing standards for animal rescue and managing wildlife by taking proactive measures, raising awareness, and creating and putting into place efficient mechanisms to save animals and their environments. Above all, the ultimate motto is to value kindness, respect, awareness, and integrity in all of our efforts to fulfill our goals and achieve the desired vision. 

You can check more at  

RESQ Charitable Trust- Pune

Love n Care for animals- Kolkata 

Love & Care for Animals is a non-profit organization that seeks to protect neglected birds including crows, kites, and vultures as well as stray dogs, cats, cows, and horses. This organization is based in Kolkata and has a registered address of 80/2C, Sarsuna Main Road, Kolkata, West Bengal, 700 061. It is currently reaching out to the entire Kolkata district, the South and North 24 Parganas, and any other location in West Bengal if necessary. 

Three service vans, one of which is utilized as Mobile Clini, are available to help with the transfer and care of sick and injured animals. One of the other two vans is used to transport small animals. For larger animals, we employ ambulances and other vehicles. 

You can check more at  

Love n care for animals- Kolkata 

People for Animals- Hyderabad 

The people for animals focuses on rescuing, rehabilitation, and veterinary care of sick, injured, and abused domestic animals. It also upholds and implements various laws related to animal welfare and rights. Facilitating adoption/fostering of orphaned and abandoned animals. Extrication, confiscation, and release of wild animals in their natural habitat. Identify, investigate, and prosecute cases of animal cruelty and wildlife trade. They also focus on counseling cases of animal neglect and seizure in extreme cases. Encouraging compassion towards animals and raising animal welfare awareness in public and young people through camp aligns and training workshops. Urging people to embrace a cruelty-free lifestyle 

You can check more at  

People for Animals- Hyderabad 

Raahat for Animals- Dehradun 

Raahat (peace and comfort) was started with the objective of providing peace and comfort to all animals in distress. They work to improve the lives of animals in the community and beyond. All programs are driven by the belief in the intrinsic dignity and sanctity of animal life. Raahat Animal Hospital & Sanctuary is spread on a campus of 1 acre, privately owned by the organization. Raahat is a recovery and post-operative facility that provides lifetime sanctuary to special needs animals. They also conduct Birth Control and Anti-Rabies Programmes for the community, as well as companions, dogs, and cats. Raahat focuses on supporting other social / animal welfare organizations with similar objectives. 

You can check more at  

Raahat for Animals- Dehradun 

The Major Requirement of NGOs in India 

There a countless stray in India who needs help and proper access to food and basic necessities. NGOs in India are day and night working for the welfare of these animals. It is of utmost importance for us to support these non-government bodies. Support in terms of resources such as clean water, food, clothes, medicines, etc. If you’re ever wondering how can we contribute our share to help NGOs, here’s what you can do:  


As we know, NGOs are not funded by any government body or sponsored. They require continuous support in terms of manpower too. There’s always a need for extra hands needed to look after animals. You can reach out to a nearby NGO and ask how can you help as per your availability. Organizations can conduct a day out and help for the welfare of animals.  


NGOs originate with the emotion to help the helpless. People try their best to support animals. There are a lot of scenarios where NGOs find it difficult to upkeep with the number of strays that come in on regular basis.  

If you have space or spared land you can help NGOs to keep the animals. Fostering is a great initiative and can help to save a large number of animals. As post-treatment or rescue, animals need post-up recovery time. Foster homes make sure that these little companions are well looked after.   


What animals need most is HOME. Instead of buying dogs, it is best to adopt them. First-time pet owners should consider adopting one of the animals at the shelter. This is due to the fact that these animals will already be somewhat housebroken and habituated to shelter visitors. You can spare an animal from death, suffering, and dread by choosing to adopt one from a shelter.   


 It is heartbreaking to witness humans abusing animals cruelly in a variety of contexts, such as using them in circuses, tourism, or for rituals and religious rites. Animal exploitation includes leaving animals behind or subjecting them to any form of suffering in order to use them for medical or cosmetic purposes. 

The effort done by NGOs, philanthropic organizations, and trusts to save animals and constantly raise awareness of animal rights is incredibly admirable and deserves to be honored by everyone. It is one of the responsibilities of the human species to frequently contribute to the improvement of animals. A simple donation could help save a lot of lives. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q: How can I find animal NGOs in India? 

You can find animal NGOs in India through online directories, social media platforms, or by conducting a simple Google search. Some popular online directories for animal NGOs in India are Petofy, IndiaBizClub, and NGOBOX. 

Q: What kind of work do animal NGOs in India do? 

Animal NGOs in India work towards promoting animal welfare by rescuing and rehabilitating animals in need, providing medical aid to injured animals, running animal shelters, conducting vaccination and sterilization drives, promoting animal adoption, creating awareness about animal rights and welfare, and lobbying for animal-friendly policies. 

Q: How can I contribute to animal NGOs in India? 

You can contribute to animal NGOs in India by donating money or in-kind donations such as food, medicines, and other supplies. You can also volunteer your time and skills to help with animal rescue and rehabilitation, fundraising, or administrative tasks. Additionally, you can spread awareness about animal welfare and encourage others to support animal NGOs. 

Q: Are animal NGOs in India registered with the government? 

Yes, animal NGOs in India are required to register with the government under the Indian Trusts Act, of 1882, or the Societies Registration Act, of 1860. NGOs that work with animals may also need to register under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, of 1960. 

Q: What are some of the well-known animal NGOs in India? 

Some of the well-known animal NGOs in India include People for Animals (PFA), Blue Cross of India, Friendicoes SECA, Wildlife SOS, and Animal Aid Unlimited. 

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