5 fun ways to celebrate the Holidays with your pets

March 2, 2021

Holidays are the time of the year that should be celebrated with your friends, family, and four-legged friends. Most of us include our four-legged children in our holiday pictures and give them presents to open along with the rest of the family members. Whatever are your traditions, here are some fun ways of how you can celebrate your holidays with your four-legged children so that they are a part of your celebration.

1. Take Them for a Snow Outing
Take your dog for a snow outing. Most dogs and even most cats enjoy their time in the powdery stuff. Toss some lightly packed snowballs on your dog to simply chase or catch them in your yard. In case, if you reside at a place where it does snow then try climbing up a nearby mountain and consider taking your pet up and show them the snow. They will have a fun time there and the joy and excitement you feel in their eyes and body language will be absolutely delightful.

2. Treat them to a Royal Feast
Search for some pet special recipes over the internet and treat your furry friend to some good homemade treat. It’s always a great idea to make your holiday cookies for your four-legged best friend from scratch and cook some of their favorite meals. You will get immense satisfaction to see them savoring their meals delightfully. Like all of us, even our pets like to be treated to good and royal meals.

3. Spa Date
Just like us even our pets like a quality spa time where they feel pampered and loved. Make it a point to take them to a pet salon every once in a while. Search for a good pet salon in your locality and fix an appointment with them every once a while or at least once every month. They have some soothing techniques for a good animal massage that will make your dog feel happy and pampered.

4. Make a cozy bed for them
Another thoughtful and simple present to gift your dog would be a fluffy, warm, and cute blanket for their bed or their couch which will give them one good reason to be in and around that place often. You can order them online or find them at departmental or pet shops. To add a personal touch to it you can also sew one or do some patchwork to make it look interesting and nice.

5. A good playtime
You should always take out time to spend some good playtime with your pet. In a hustle-bustle life, it’s important to take out some time for them. An extra playtime is something your pet will really enjoy.

-Naveen Rawat
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