10 reasons to take your dog for a walk every day

February 26, 2021


Walking Provides Exercise and Mental Stimulation

Walking your dog every day provides a good foundation for their physical and mental health. Like your child, the dog also wants to know the world around you. If the dog is confined to the house for a long time, it will lead to boredom and can then result in destructive behavior.


1. Taking a dog for a Walk is Good for their Health 

Taking your dog for a walk is good for their mental and physical health and that’s how they will sharpen their skills of smell, sound, and touch. When they explore the things around them it’s only then they will sharpen their skills.

2. Walking a dog is good for their body

Walking is an easy exercise and is quite impactful for a lot of people. It is also a safe form of exercise and it does wonders for everybody. Similarly taking your dog for a walk is a safe way to their physical fitness.

3. It is motivating

Taking a dog for a walk motivates them to perform better and it also motivates us to get off the couch and go for a much-needed walk. Based on various researches, it has been proven that going for regular walks is good for physical and mental well-being.

4. Good for the dog owners

The great news for dog owners is that walking becomes an integral part of their lives and you cannot give an excuse of time and money to skip taking the dog for a walk. So this is a cost-effective way to remain healthy.

5. It manages the stress

We live in a world that is very fast-paced and demanding and leads to a significant amount of stress. This can correspondingly impact our physical and mental health. As per recent studies, it is found that spending time with your dog releases oxytocin, which is a happiness hormone and relieves stress. Dogs are therapy animals for people having mental health conditions due to their affectionate and friendly behavior.

6. Happiness booster

Taking your dog for a walk significantly results in reducing stress and also enhances mood and results in a feeling of happiness. Taking your dog for a walk is an incredible way to get rid of all the troubles one has faced during the day and feeling happy and pleasurable.

7. Socializing

Human beings are social creatures by nature. However, it does not mean that everyone finds it easy to socialize with others or to make friends. So taking your dog for a walk will help an individual to meet like-minded people as they are exposed to dog walkers. Taking a dog for a walk will eventually become a social event with conversations varying from breed, training tips, and the appearance of dogs. There are even dog walking clubs whose purpose is to bring dog owners together.

8. Leads to good Behavior

Taking your dog for a walk will lead to good behavior. A dog that is happy will certainly behave well. A dog that is frustrated or neglected will wreak the household and is not good for anybody. Walks help them to eliminate the destructive behavior and it is a pleasurable experience for the dog owner as well.

9It will strengthen your bond.

It is often said that dogs are your best friends. It’s not true until you have some homework. You should consider every walk as an opportunity to build trust and experience between the two of you. Do not distract yourself elsewhere when you are on a walk. You should make your stroll interesting and interactive. Try to read your dog’s body language and utilize his energy level cautiously so that he does not need extra exercise.

10. Your pet will sleep like a puppy.

Like in humans, exercise can promote good sleep. Similarly, in dogs also a good walk or workout can lead to better sleep. Daily walks will help your dog feel sleepy and not restless.


-Naveen Rawat
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